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Sterilize the poor? Vivir Latino reports on a proposal by Louisiana State Rep John LaBruzzo to pay poor woman $1k to have their tubes tied. From the original post:

A friend sent me the news that a Louisiana state Representative (John LaBruzzo) wants to "pay poor women $1000 to have their tubes tide" while at the same time give "tax incentives for college-educated, higher-income people to have more children."
Paying the poor to not have children rather than helping their children get into schools is very twisted. There are many wealthy men and woman that came from poor families. Where none of LaBruzzo's ancestors poor? If so there may have been no John LaBruzzo. The mindset that we should sterilize the poor is really a call to sterilize minorities. Let's face it - that's what they want. It's the same premise behind the documentary Demographic Winter.

Greg Siskind reports, in a post titled How To Lose The Hispanic Vote In 20 Seconds, that the communications director of the Las Vegas Republican Party stated:

"We don't want (Hispanics) to become the new African-American community," Lima told The Associated Press. "And that's what the Democratic Party is going to do to them, create more programs and give them handouts, food stamps and checks for this and checks for that. We don't want that."

When people are allowed to be dehumanized and forced into the shadows that's where they'll live. Many undocumented migrants fail to report crime and are therefore taken advantage of.

Pelosi tells Wall Street "The Party's Over". On the failure of the economic bailout.

Bilingualism is only an issue in the United States and we know it's because of Spanish, not the idea of a multi-lingual society. The Department of Homeland Security offers their special security clearance pass requirements in both English and French. Hmmm.

The Border Patrol spends a lot of money recruiting, but their 30% turnover rate doesn't suggest that those buying in see it as a great job.

Standing FIRM reports on a new bill being introduced which will:

* Create due process protections, such as notification of immigration charges and access to counsel and phones, during immigration enforcement efforts;
* Require DHS to implement regulations to ensure that immigration detainees are treated humanely;
* Promote "alternatives to detention" programs that are more humane and cost-effective than traditional penal-style detention;
* Establish an ICE ombudsman to investigate complaints and to create DHS accountability; and
* Provide labor protections to ensure that ICE worksite raids do not undermine labor or employment law investigations.

Call your Senator and ask them to vote YES on S. 3594: Protect Citizens and Residents From Unlawful Raids and Detention Act!

Also read at Standing FIRM, Natural Disaster Exposes Unbalanced Policy, which speaks of the need for immigrant labor in Texas to clean up after Hurricane Ike.

Immigration is now only considered an issue by 1% of the population. Truly it's not the powerless migrants who are causing the country problems - it's the very powerful rich who feel they can stomp all over us for fun and profit.

Immigration Prof Blog gives us a list of immigration detention centers via Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

Immigration Prof Blog also reports on a 9th Circuit ruling on "egregious violations" by ICE when they entered a home looking for undocumented migrants.

Nuestra Voice brings us a report on 1,157 arrests of undocumented migrants in California this month. Those arrested came from 34 different countries.

Pro Inmigrant also reports on this story.

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