South Texas Civil Rights Project: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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South Texas Civil Rights Project Needs Your Help at Vivir Latino.

The South Texas Civil Rights Project is a non-profit public interest organization which provides free legal services to those in the Valley's low-income community whose civil rights have been violated. Over thirty years ago the South Texas Civil Rights Project (STCRP) was formed to offer free education, advocacy, and legal services for low-income and under-served persons of the Valley.
Also Mexicans March Against Violence.

What part of legal immigration don't you understand? at American Wetback.

The Forgotten in the Wake of Hurricane Gustav: Haiti Suffers From Its Own Katrina at Citizen Orange.

Latin@ Groups Warn McCain on Immigration at Standing FIRM. Also ACTION: Support the National Immigrant Bond Fund, Immigration and the Unspoken Words at the DNC and Immigrant Rights March in Denver.

"Eight is Enough": For Inhumane Immigration Practices Too? at DMI Blog.

ICE Raids vs. Human Dignity at Dream Act Texas. "The recent roundup of hundreds of undocumented workers is a symptom of America's broken immigration policy."

Also at Dream Act Texas Shame on the Washington Post -- Camarota IS NOT a reporter.

In today's (September 2, 2008) Washington Post there is a article on population growth that looks like a news item but isn't. Written by Steven Camarota. It explains that there will be too many people in the U.S. if liberal immigration policy is implemented. The trouble with this "article" is that it is really an opinion piece written by a representative from the Center for Immigration Studies, a right wing anti-immigrant group.

"Kick in the Head" HATE Crime Update: Peace Rally vs Racist HATE Rally! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

The Republican Party Platform on Immigration, Torture, etc. at Immigration Prof Blog.

RNC Protestors Face MN Riot Police and National Guard; Democracy Now's Amy Goodman Arrested AND RELEASED (update) at Problem Chylde.

When Employers Play Cop at Just News.

RNC Protests at La Chola.

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse McCain at WOCPhd and Amy Goodman and Two Other DN Journalists Arrested at RNC.

Republican party platform will be a hard sell for Latino votes at Latina Lista.

Follow up on the Mississippi ICE raid at Working Immigrants.

Daily Headlines: September 3, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

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