Register To Vote! Message From the Obama Campaign

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With registration deadlines fast approaching, I encourage everyone to check out a new site set up by the Obama campaign: Vote For Change.

It's a one stop shop where you can register to vote, check if you're registered, change the address you'll be voting from, order an absentee ballot, find your polling location, all in a matter of minutes.
I did it and I actually found out I was not registered for the federal election in Massachusetts!  I was still registered in Michigan.  Mistakes like this happen all the time, and Vote for Change is an easy and quick way to make sure everything is in order.

The website also collects a lot of your information according to the privacy policy, but that was something I was willing to give up to make sure I was able to vote in November.   It's also common practice in voter registration across the U.S. 

Below is the message I received from the Obama campaign:

Hi Kyle,

You are on our short list as one of the most influential bloggers in the Latino community. For this reason, we wanted to bring to your attention our "Vote for Change" site that is now up and running in English and Spanish. This is an all-in-one voter registration site that provides all the necessary information for a voter to register, check whether they are registered to vote or not, or request an absentee ballot.   

Registration deadlines are fast approaching and, with your help, we are making a big push to increase voter registration. Please help us spread the word that it is now possible to register in less than 3 minutes using this friendly website:

Thank you,

R. Peña
Blog de Obama Team
Obama Headquarters, Chicago, IL

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