No Passport For You: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Apparently even if you're a decorated Army vet you can't travel if you also happen to be Hispanic and live near the US/Mexico border. Of América reports on this story.

Texas native David Hernandez, a decorated Army veteran who served his country in different parts of the world, can no longer see the world after his country denied him a passport. Hernandez and other residents living in and around the U.S.-Mexico border are plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit alleging that, in denying them passports, the U.S. State Department is engaging in a new kind of racial discrimination: non-citizen profiling.

Ike ravaged all areas from Galveston through Houston leaving many with nothing. For those that own homes they're lucky if they have insurance and if that insurance will actually cover the damage. At the end of the day, it is the immigrant community who will be cleaning up after Ike.

Once released it was no surprise that the anti-migrant crowd would take the questionnaire and bat it around a bit. Mark Krikorian, from the Center of Immigration Studies (or FAIR), has gotten hold of the survey and given his two cents. Mark is a real nice guy that believes that we should terrorize people to such an extent that they'll want to leave. It's kind of like what happened in white neighborhoods in the past. Scare 'em til they leave - they don't deserve to be here.

John Tanton who's Mike's buddy has been linked to white supremacy and eugenics. The SPLC gives us details on papers found that further his connection to these organizations and prove that his desire to reduce the population is really just a ploy to keep white privilege alive.

Online anonymity can be great unless you're a nativist scumbag in which case you might have a Washington Times reporter make the connection and call you out. Duecaster is this particular scumbag and has asked the gem "whether or not illegal aliens have a preferred breeding season."

Apparently 'McIntyre'on O'Reilly decided to throw an insult to Chinese people. Let's face it - all those anger-driven talk show hosts are scumbags looking to fill bags with cash. They're no different than the 'captains of industry' who have driven this country into the groud, but refuse to go down with the ship as any good captain would.

If you weren't sure how long it would take before minorities would be blamed for the ridiculous ways the filthy rich conduct business here it is.

Many people quite sadly believe that all Hispanics are undocumented migrants. In one such case a family was held hostage and told they would be killed:

The Morales family and Emma English, a family friend, filed suit after Barnett confronted them on state leased land in November 2004, while they were on a family hunting trip. Armed with a semi-automatic military-style assault rifle, Barnett held the family at gunpoint, cursed and screamed racial slurs at them and threatened to kill them all.

Latina Lista writes The profile of today's undocumented Mexican immigrant reveals a more desperate situation back home.

Yave brings us an economic intellectual reassessment on the financial crisis.

Orcinus exposes the minutemen movement:

And as I make clear in the piece, the trajectory of Minutemen almost precisely traces that of previous right-wing populist movements -- particularly the money-grubbing aspects of it. The Minutemen, really, have been a right-wing moneymaking scam from the get-go, and this piece explores that.

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