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Much of the news and issues here are a bit sad. It's a shame we live in a world that demands we spend so much time fighting for right rather than right simply being the way things are - giving us time to just enjoy each others spirit and company. I hope before my time is through I'll be able to see a world that's at least closer to this dream. In that spirit let us honor Marcella Grace Eiler who lost her life trying to bring that dream to us. Thanks to Nezua for writing about her and thanks to everyone here for helping work towards a more positive global consciousness and spirit. 

As day laborers are used to clean up Houston after Ike nobody seems to be complaining. With so many in need of getting their roofs prepared, lest their homes be destroyed by the next rain, they need things done quick so I guess it's the 'convenient' thing to do.

Who are the real 'terrorists'? A mosque was attacked last week in the United States with a chemical irritant and it's not making the hate circuit - those that call for 'home land security.'

Republicans and right wing talk show hosts, including Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, and Anne Coulter, advocate racism, intolerance, and violence every day. So we shouldn't be surprised when racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance and violence increase in our society.

Palin couldn't tell Couric how McCain had worked to provide oversight to the financial industry probably because he didn't. Dream Act Texas brings us the story of the Keating Five and the large sums of money given to McCain to vote against tighter regulation os S&Ls.

John Tanton who started FAIR (Federations for American Immigraiton Reform), is considered the father of the current nativist movement. As Eristic Ragemail points out this man is not simply a pro-law advocate - he's a anti-migrant racist.

Americant 'toughest' sheriff is running for his fifth term. Let's hope the residents of Arizona can keep him from getting back in. At least if he does lose he'll be able to spend his time knitting pink underwear.

Immigration Prof Blog reports on an extortion scheme which has criminals claiming they've caught their family members sneaking into the country.

For a little funny here's Tina Fey returning as Sarah Palin in a recreation of the Katie Couric interview.

Some information on our financial crisis in The Financial Crisis put me on the street against the Wall at Pro Inmigrant.

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