It's Like I Said: Migrants Were Left Behind In Gustav

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I knew unauthorized migrants were going to get left behind in Gustav.  I wrote about it here.  Despite assurances from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), migrants have been forced to live in such a climate of fear that they wouldn't dare leave.

The Associated Press reports (sombrero tip to the Latin Americanist):

Many of the illegal immigrants who have been rebuilding New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina stayed behind when Gustav struck because they were afraid of being arrested if they boarded the buses and trains arranged by emergency officials.

"We know that people died during Katrina, but we had no choice but to stay here," said Carlos Mendoza, a 21-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras who rode out the storm with seven other people. They took shelter in an apartment that is close to a street corner where day laborers congregate.

"Many stayed because of fear," Mendoza said. "I would say at least 50 percent of us."

Peter Prengaman - Associated Press (3 September 2008)

UPDATE: Angela Kelley of the Immigration Policy Center just put up a piece about this at Huffington Post.  (They also have a new pro-migrant blog, Immigration Impact)

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