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A Labor Day Salute to All Resident Workers at Smart Borders.

This September 1st, it is only fitting to laud the accomplishments of the unnoticed and disenfranchised of America's workforce - the Immigrant. In a nation that is still bent on building a wall and has popular public figures campaigning for mass deportation, immigrants still managed to excel in 33 of the spots on the American Olympic team.

Foucault on Geography and Population at No Borders and Binaries.

Foucault also lays out a population/people distinction in Security, Territory and Population that is worthy of further exploration. Population has two meanings -- one denotes a group of subjects with rights or subjects to a sovereign etc. but the one we are interested in is population as a process that needs regulation and management
Also Welcome to America - Here We Make 'Criminals' Out of Jet-Skiers.

I traveled out to Shenandoah over the weekend to witness an anti-"illegal" immigrant rally, but ended up at the more positive Unity Rally.  Here's my post at American Humanity - Rallies In Shenandoah, PA - Unity and Anti-"Illegal" Immigrant.

"Raid's Outcome May Signal a Retreat In Immigration Strategy, Critics Say" at Anti-BVBL. It seems they're not trying going to charge everyone in the Mississippi raid with a crime and will allow some to simply be deported. While this isn't the best outcome at least, as we saw in Postville, it's what many migrants would prefer - to go back to their families.

What I Saw That Night on Obama's Speech at Awearness Blog.

It's Our Soverignty, Stupid: Panel on Immigration, Economic Justice and the DNC at Of América.

Get to Know an Immigrant and Immigrants and the GOP - Wall Street Journal at Damn Mexicans.

More on Amy Goodman Arrest at Dream Act Texas. Also Humanitarian Crisis in Hattiesburg Mississippi after ICE Raid.

A chance to be of service to humanity at Immigration in the USA Blog. Also Refugees work toward American dream and Turning language barrier into opportunity.

An Eyewitness Story of Evacuation at WOCPhd.

The Problem With the Good Vs. Bad Immigrant Narrative at Vivir Latino.

Hope and Change. Divide and Conquer. Stand Together. at The Unapologetic Mexican.

PART OF WHAT makes me feel gross inside this hoopla, this ultra hyper TV extravaganza-palooza that both parties are telegasming 24-7 is that ICE is cracking down with serious force on gente while the popcorn is being buttered and the lights being dimmed.

Minors Not Protected from Permanent Bar for Unlawful Presence at Pro Inmigrant and Why the Minuteman Ignoring the 14th Amendment.

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