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Today is Citizenship Day, or as it's been changed since 2004, Constitution Day.  Today publicly funded schools are mandated to teach about the Constitution so I hope some self proclaimed 'patriots' will sit in a few of these classes.

Immigration Talk With A Mexican American tells us the antis are losing the argument. It seems that some anti sites and Minutemen groups are seeing their suns set. In this post Dee looks over a paper written by a 'patriot' and asks "who is your target audience?" This is, I believe, where the antis are losing ground. Their anger and yelling basically scares people away from their cause. Of course, the anger and yelling is due to their cause being based on hatred and exemption. Thankfully most people do not buy into this.

Many antis applaud Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" as a successful venture even with its cruel name and the deportation of many citizens who 'fit the description.' PBS's POV ran the story "Calvera Highway" last night about a family working through the mystery of family members lost in those deportations. (Thanks to Immigration Prof Blog for the link)

Yave has started a new segment at Citizen Orange called Musical Mondays. Check out his latest post features Manu Chao's "Me Llamen Calle." In these posts yave brings song together with the issues the song addresses. Here we're asked to call our representatives and promote H.R. 3061, the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.

Read the story of one woman who travelled to Melbourn to be with her partner, the woman she loves. This couple could not remain in the United States because there is no provision for same sex partners in U.S. Immigration law.

Our dilemma, like so many others, was the migration system and the lack of options for 'interdependent' partnerships. Basically, none. The fact we were gay knocked us out of any opportunity for migration based on our relationship status.

Just for fun, if you haven't seen the SNL skit where Tina Fey plays Sarah Palin check it out.

Take a moment to support Troy Davis' struggle for justice. He's set to be executed next week unless the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles changes their mind. Visit Of América for more information on this case and how you can help.

Orcinus talks about the McCain Immigration ad lie and yave points out the media has now caught on.

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