Greg "McCarthy" Letiecq: Trouble With the Prince William Country Netroots

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I've been following the happenings in Prince William County for sometime now through the work of the documentary film-makers Annabel Park and Eric Byler at 9500Liberty and through the pro-migrant blog Anti-BVBL, run by Alanna Almeda. 

Anyone that's interested in pro-migrant blogging or in new media should be following the goings on in Prince William County, where new media has intensified the debate about U.S. migration policy at the local level. 

For a some time it seemed as if the nativist movement, lead by Greg Letiecq through his blog Black Velvet Bruce Li, and his extremist Help Save Manassas, had the upper hand.  But there's has been backlash.  The good and decent people of Prince William County are standing up to Letiecq's hate.  
Alanna Almeda of Anti-BVBL is one of those good and decent people who has stood up against Letiecq's nativism.  I've monitored her blog for months now, and not once have I seen Alanna write anything inflammatory, hateful, unreasonable, or even sarcastic.  I try to be respectful here on Citizen Orange and respect people with differeing viewpoints, but Alanna makes me look like Beelzebub.

That's why it was especially distressing to me today to learn that Letiecq got ahold of one of Alanna's emails and is embarking on a McCarthyesque crusade to shame the "liberal illegal alien lobby."  Here's what Alanna has to say:

Many of the those who received my personal email have not criticized Letiecq or taken any action to challenge his greed for power. By publishing their names without permission and "identifying" them, he has violated their privacy in a despicable attempt to make them appear guilty of some infraction, and bully them into silence.

I for one am not afraid of Greg Letiecq's Neo-McCarthyism. And I am not afraid to say I oppose the appointment of Robert Duecaster to our county's Strategic Goals Task Force. But more importantly, I oppose the persecution tactics Letiecq has employed to unduly influence this county government, its leaders, and its citizens.

Alanna Almeda - Anti-BVBL (15 September 2008)

Leave a comment in solidarity with Alanna as she confronts an increasingly hostile nativist movement.  Make no mistake.  Greg Letiecq is an extremist culture warrior who makes statements like, "we are obliged to defend our embattled culture before we inexorably veer off onto [a] destructive path."  I seriously fear for Alanna's safety and for the safety of those around her and who support her. 

It's funny how Letiecq makes the claim that those with a pro-migrant viewpoint "cannot argue the facts, or policy, or anything at all remotely resembling substance" at the same time that he bans anyone with a differing viewpoint from his website.  Anti-BVBL on the other hand, remains open to everyone.

Keep up the fight Alanna.  The universe is on the side of justice, and we're on the right side of history.  Like water weathers stone, we will eventually prevail.

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