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You may remember Nezua's The ReKongKangKeesta (And Other Varieties). Now we have Palin's Alaskonquista - the quest to have Alaska succeed from the U.S.

"What America Do You Want to Live In?" at Immigration Prof Blog.

A new online ad released by America's Voice presents two different visions of America. One vision recognizes our country's long tradition of welcoming immigrants and being supportive of all individuals in our nation who are seeking a better life. The second vision describes America as a nation that preaches intolerance and hate and relies on fear-mongering instead of facts.
Also Post-Postville: Agriprocessors has a Hard Time Keeping Workers, The Latest Word on the "Nexus" Requirement for Asylum and The War on Terror Continues.

WHAT PART OF (the) LEGAL (system) DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? at Standing FIRM. Also VIDEO: All Americana (parts 1 and 2) and UPDATE: Postville Plant Won't Learn its Lesson.

It's nothing new in politics to conveniently forget views held in the past or ironies of claims that make against others when their own views are looked at. These 'views' seem to change as necessary to fit whatever these guys and gals are trying to push. Just yesterday John Stewart gave us the double-speak of politicians and news commentators.

Both Latino Politico and Of América in recent posts have pointed out Palin's secessionist views and how the right hasn't made the connection to their fantasy reconquista myth.

From Of América's post Alaska Sounds like Aztlan -- Palin Leading the Secessionist Reconquista?:

Palin's personal connections to the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which has, since 1978 sought the Last Frontier states' separation from these United States, have brought state secessionist sentiments onto the national political stage like no candidate since Alexander Stephens and his Confederate President Jefferson Davis' did in the lead up to the civil war. Palin and her husband, Todd, the "First Dude," may well have their greatest appeal among Latinos in the south-western United States if we are to believe Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, Pat Buchannan and many other conservative commentators and politicians who rail daily against what they believe is the upcoming conflict sparked by Latinos' lust to reclaim their former land.

From Latino Politic's post A Word From The Patron Saint of Irony:

The thought of the most rabid hardliners on the right who've spent years howling in outrage at mythical Mexican reconquistadores having to swallow the gallons of irony elixir being served by John McCain's pick for #2 in line of Presidential succession brings great joy to my life.

Republican Platform Committee takes sharp turn to the right, and a dump on the Constitution at Migra Matters.

The current platform full-throatily endorses the "deportation through attrition" model so favored by hate groups like FAIR and their allies in the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus led by ex-FAIR lobbyist Brian Bilbray.

McCain, Obama Will Wage Battle For Hispanic Voters at Nuestra Voice. Also Few Minorities On GOP Podium.

You don't have to be an "elite" political commentator to question Sarah Palin's qualifications at Latina Lista.

What does it say for a political team when the speech most anticipated is not the one delivered by the person at the top of the ticket?

My thoughts on Palin's speech at Latino Politics Blog. Also It's been said that Alberto Gonzales is the gift that keeps giving!

McCain's VP Pick : Palin and the Politica and Privilege of White Woman'hood/ Mommy'Hood at Mamita Mala.

CNN cameras catch John Stirrup emphatically cheering on John McCain at Anti-BVBL. John is a the Prince William County Supervisor and advocates a 'crackdown' on undocumented migrants.

Check out RNC08: Theodore Roosevelt VS. Ron Paul Supporters by Nezua at Awearness Blog.

Watch This Is Our Home at Why Am I Not Surprised on New Orleans and Hurrican Katrina.

How John McCain became a POW in the Christian Right culture war at Blog For Arizona.

Republicans and the McMedia echo chamber want us to believe that John McCain reestablished his "maverick" credentials by selecting Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate -- a Christian Right conservative who is comfortably at home within the Republican conservative base. How maverick-y.

Very Quick Thought on "Community Organizers" at La Chola on Palin's comment and feminism.

Community Organizers at WOCPhd. Profbwoman explains what community organizers do in response to Palin's comment about Obama.

Without community organizers many people in N. America would have no voice at the local or the national stage. Marginalized women - poor, rural, teen mothers, differently-abled women, elders, indigenous women, woc, adjudicated women and girls, etc. - have gained the most from the work community organizers do. While at the same time, their work has benefited every group making up this nation.

It's Like I Said: Migrants Were Left Behind In Gustav at Citizen Orange.

To go to Harvard is only Uppity if you are Black at Dream Act Texas. Also What if Bristol Palin were a Mexican Immigrant and ACLU Sue to Block E-Verify Order in Rhode Island.

Imagine your child in a Immigration Detention Center? at Pro Inmigrant. Also The actors of the Anti Immigrant Sentiment and their roles and ALIPAC and their solution to their Moral Crisis. Lies.

In which Ms. Steinem redeems herself at Culture Kitchen and Campbell Brown, a new journalism shero.

I know am coming late to the Campbell Brown party but I just have to post it here because it's so awesome. Campell Brown smacks down McCain surrogate Tucker Bounds for not being able to give not one example of Sarah Palin's alleged experience with National Security.
Of course we can't forget $300,000 outfit, private jets but no elitism on Cindy's McCain's outfit. In this space looking at a person wearing 300k in clothing and decorations is quite disturbing.


At Immigrants in the USA Blog - State agency honors refugee service provider and Schools prepare for more refugees.

I've been working on transcribing the speeches from the Shenandoah anti-migrant rally at American Humanity. Check out Shenandoah Rally Part 1 - "Why Here Why Now?" and Shenandoah, PA Rally - Ruth Miller's Speech.

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Brilliant. Alaskonquista. I thought about writing that out but I thought people might not understand it. Seeing it after you wrote it though it just looks great.

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