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The raids continue. Raid in Sun Valley, California! at Standing FIRM. Also Anti-Immigrant Measures will Appear on State Ballots in November and VIDEO: Which America Do you Want to Live in?

WP: Facing a Court Hearing, Man Begins Removing Pro-Immigrant Billboard at Anti-BVBL. Sarah Palin : A lipsticked pitbull that's a scaredy cat with the press at Culture Kitchen. And Pat Buchanan is Barack Obama's latest fanboi.

The Front Line is Everywhere - RNC 08 at The Unapologetic Mexican.
The GOP actually needs an army now, to make itself evident and dare celebrate anything in public. They have lied, killed, they laugh while we suffer with health problems or bemoan the loss of life and humanity. They bring their army to protect them from the voice of the People they supposedly serve.

In Mark Krikorian is a Far Right Wing Anti-Immigrationist, at Dream Act Texas, we learn of more nativist being tapped by newspapers for 'facts'. Also read Foreign Students, HB1 Visas, and University Funding.

ACLU Sues Rhode Island Governor Over E-Verify Order at Greg Siskind's Blog.

At Immigration Talk With A Mexican American: National Enquirer Conducting the Palin Vetting Process McCain Failed to Complete!

The National Enquirer is conducting the Palin vetting process that McCain and his staff failed to complete. McCain´s staff has admitted Palin underwent only a brief, partial vetting just days before her selection for the next highest job in the country.
Also Is Arpaio´s Reign of Terror About to Come to an End? gives us hope that Arpaio's reign will end and a new Sheriff will go after actual criminals. And Update: Kick in the Head Hate Crime Case - Kicker´s Mommy Sues Saying It´s Not Fair to Deprive Brandon from High School.

LPGA Smells the Coffee, Rescinds English Language Rule at Immigration Prof Blog. Also "Minorities, Immigrants and Otherwise", Lessons from Canada and Spain and Georgian Refugees on displacement caused by war.

At Latina Lista Guest Voz: Academic researchers discover the lack of comprehensive immigration reform increases disparities and limits future progress of Latinos nationwide.

Blinded by the pastiness at the RNC! at Latino Politics Blog.

FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No at Orcinus. This is an odd story on the plot to assassinate Obama and the lack of charges being brought against the perpetrators.

Don't Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. And Then Get Busy. at Wild Chihuahuas.

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