VIDEO: Watch Out For Them Alienz

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Breakthrough has put out their latest video on migration using a Star Trek Theme.  The crew of the enterprise tries to deport Spock only to find out they needed him.

Do any Trekkies out there have any Star Trek parallels they'd like to compare with the current situation migrants are going through. CBS actually has the whole Star Trek: The Original Series online now. 

How about Season 3: Episode 16 the Mark of Gideon?  Leaders of the planet Gideon try to solve their overpopulation problem by killing everyone off.  Sounds pretty close to "attrition through enforcement" to me. 

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Crissy said:

Hey Kyle!

Thanks for posting... we could've used all your Star Trek know-how when we were making this!

-Crissy said:

Can somebody please tell the George Lopez joke about Hispanics and Star Trek?

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