Solidarity In Pink - Protest at The Luis Ramirez Murder Trial: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Peaceful Marchers Demonstrate at "Kick In the Head" Hate Crime Hearing Causing Some Delays! BREAKING NEWS: JUDGE ORDERS MURDER TRIAL!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Shame on North Carolina: Education Is Denied to Immigrant Youth at DMI Blog. Sadly the opportunity to attend community colleges has been taken from DREAMers in North Carolina.

Despite her 4.0 grade point average, Laura, an aspiring engineer and a recent graduate from Charlotte high school in North Carolina will not be able to go to college. The land of opportunity has denied her access to a college education.

Participating in democracy may very well be a punishable offense in Denver Takes A Page Out of ICE's Playbook at Para Justicia y Libertad.

"Uneasy Neighbors: A Brief History of Mexican - U.S. Migration" at Anti-BVBL.

America needs labor, cheap labor, we enlist help from our "south", we get irritated with the "help" and send them home. Some time later, not a long period of time mind you, we realize that we need more cheap labor. We send out the "bat" signal, calling all cheap labor, and next thing you know, we have immigrant workers, legal and illegal. Clearly, many of the immigrant workers, legal and illegal who are hispanic are not all from Mexico, but I believe the premise of the article, this country needing an expanded unskilled work force, holds true for many of our southern neighboring countries.

Also read about the Help Save Manassas newsletter in Help Save Manassas Summer Edition Newsletter at Anti-BVBL. Help Save Manassas is the anti-migrant group that spurred Anti-BVBL into action.

Do you remember your First Book? asks Liza at Awearness Blog. I don't know that I remember my first book, but the first book I remember is "Pierre" by Maurice Sendak. In this book, in a similar manner to Bartleby, Pierre responds "I don't care" to everything he's asked until he's eventually eaten by a lion.

A home without books is like arid land. Sure, on that land life is supposed to grow. Yet the lack of water, nutrients and minerals and a whole ecology of bugs and worms and bacteria will make it impossible for the hardiest of plants to grow.

Countdown to the DNC : Exhibit Highlights Denver Latino Artists at Vivir Latino. Also Encouraging Alliances Through Insults? and Which is worse, taking their money or kicking them out?

Todos Somos Migrantes at La Mariposa En La Pared. Read about Janna's daughter who decided to become a Rotary exchange student.

Bad Hires: The Consequences of Incompetent Immigration Judges at Dream Act Texas.

In a post titled Oops Greg Siskind's Blog points us to the article titled Report: Faulty design turned border fence into dam at

Simply put: The fence did not live up to promises made by officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Border Patrol or Kiewit Western Co., the private company that built the fence for $21.3 million, the report said.

An Anecdote at Problem Chylde.

We've lived in an environment that has distanced itself from seeking nexus for a while now. The only prevalent times when I still see people reaching out and helping each other - total strangers lending a helping hand to someone else - are when I ride the bus to school. I watched a mother insist another mother's 12-year-old daughter sit on her lap, while a fellow mother rearranged her shopping bags to sit alongside her on a crowded bus. I've heard recovered drug addicts counsel recovering drug addicts, and together they discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the rehabilitation model frankly and conversationally. No PowerPoint presentations, no textbook citations - real talk. Organic knowledge.

Jeroem Corsi, who recently wrote an anti-Obama book with extremely questionable logic and fact checking, cancelled an appearance on a white supremacist radio show titled The Political Cesspool in Corsi Cancels Second 'Political Cesspool' Appearance at Hatewatch Blog.

Death in Detention Chapter 1001 at Immigration Prof Blog. Also New Immigration Articles and More from Postville and Human Costs.

Forever 21 warehouse is much more necessary than food, right? at La Chola. Also why fire bombing will not work… on why violence is not going to do any good in the world of protest and positive change.

Does white America suffer from both inferiority and superiority complexes? at Latina Lista.

Come November, Floridians will vote to eradicate a provision of their State Constitution that went into effect in 1926. It's called the "Alien Land Law" and it prohibits anyone ineligible for citizenship from owning property. It was directed squarely at Asian immigrants. Proponents for wanting to get rid of the archaic law say that the language used to define who is ineligible is entirely based on race and therefore is "patently unconstitutional" and as such, repulsive to current-day Floridians. In describing why the law was passed in the first place, Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller, D-Hallandale Beach, said that at that time white America had both "an inferiority complex and a superiority complex" about Asian immigrants.

Beijing Olympics - Is anyone else tired of Michael Phelps? at No Borders and Binaries. Also read Repeal Section 377 - Homosexuality Ban in India a legacy of British Rule.

Obama Makes Pitch To Hispanics As Rumours Over No2 Grind n at Nuestra Voice.

Friends, Teachers, Ninth Graders at People Migrate. Observations from a first year teacher of ninth grade English and English as a Second Language.

U.S. Congress reports a high incidence of Tax Evasion by? at Pro Inmigrant. Also her shadow now ending up in a Pardon on the case of Kathryn Anne Ingleson.

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