Nativists As Resources For Migrants

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Comments on a recent article on the end of the ICE self-deportation program called "Scheduled Departure" got me thinking a little different about nativists. It seems they're a great resource for undocumented migrants given they know of so many "entitlements" us pro-migrant supporters are unaware of.

Our sorry do-nothing government is giving our country away to the illegals while they walk all over the taxpaying citizens to do it. It's outrageous that these illegal aliens get more and more entitlements at our expense while we have a lot of Legal Citizens who can't get the help.

It's outrageous that these Hispanic illegals come over here demanding rights they are NOT entitled to in this country, that they expect US to cater to THEM. They expect US to learn their language and accommodate them, they are changing our country over to a Hispanic Country instead of assimmulating into the American Culture and learning OUR language of English.- Mamacat

Given this angry commenter knows of so many services available to undocumented migrants maybe they'll help us out by traveling to Postville and explaining to the many women and children who have lost their husbands to the swift justice of ICE. Maybe they can go to the T Don Hutto detention facility and explain to the people there just what they're missing or explain to Hiu Lui Ng's family how 'accommodating' we really are.

I don't know what fantasy land these nativists live in, but it's got Willy Wonka quite jealous. Sadly, it's their inability to see the realities of the world and embrace the gifts of being Americans that have them acting so cruel towards others. When you're able to shove reality to the side you can create any type of vision of the world you want.

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PL said:

I also want to know of these 'resources' - food stamps, free college, free emergency room health care? We would eliminate about $15K of debt! And yes, tax evasion tactics too -- that's another $16K down the drain :( is a great example of a Nativist resource for the undocumented looking for jobs :) LOL.

Anonymous said:

The fact is that "illegal immigrants" are not eligible for welfare programs but the anti-immigrant loonies keep repeating this lie in order to stir up anti-immigrant sentiments.

Undocumented workers are not eligible for welfare, food stamps, etc...They don't get free medical care. Doctors are required to treat patients in medical emergencies, but whether legal or illegal, these people get a bill. All the studies I've read indicate that majority of people in the ER are US citizens, who often have health insurance, but because the healthcare system here is so screwed up, they often end up in the ER.

Despite the fact that undocumented immigrants pay taxes, they don't benefit from the programs their taxes support. According to the Social Security Administration, it is estimated that illegal immigrants have paid $450 billion to the SS security fund. Immigrant Households and Businesses Generate Billions: In 2005, immigrant households and businesses paid approximately $300 billion in federal, state, and local taxes: $165 billion in federal income taxes, $85 billion in state and local income taxes, and $50 billion in business taxes. Immigrants Pay More in Taxes Than They Use in Services Over Their Lifetimes: Depending on skills and level of education, each immigrant pays, on average, between $20,000 and $80,000 more in taxes than he or she consumes in public benefits. Seventy five percent of immigrants arrive in the United States when they are in their prime working years. With 80 million baby-boomers retiring in the next 20 years, most of them white, it will be these immigrants who will be support Social Security so that these elderly people won' die in poverty and without healthcare.

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