Michelle Obama Delivers a Pro-Migrant Message

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It's good to see Michelle Obama getting in on the act and delivering a pro-migrant message as well.  I can't find the exact text of her remarks to the "Hispanic Caucus", but from the Associated Press article, it looks as if they were good.

DENVER (AP) -- Hispanics should not have to live in fear of raids by immigration agents, Michelle Obama told a Hispanic caucus to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

Her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, wants to reform immigration policies and provide illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, she said.

"We would have an immigration policy that brings 12 million people out of the shadows," she told cheering caucus members who shouted "Yes we can" in Spanish.

Steven K. Paulson - Associated Press (27 August 2008)

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PL said:

Lip service? :-/

I tried finding it but it's not on PR Newswire or CQ Transcriptions yet. Maybe a bit later.

I did find a Q/A session with Obama on Monday where he talks about illegal immigration in length. Copied/Pasted it to the Group.

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