McCain Responds To The Sanctuary Through Leslie Sanchez

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Kety Esquivel did The Sanctuary proud yet again with her appearance on CNN.  The McCain campaign has yet to answer our questionnaire and it's unfortunate, because I've been doing my best to keep an open mind, and to defend McCain when he moves towards a more pro-migrant position.  Here's the video of Kety, and if you watch closely, you'll see how McCain responds to our questionnairre through Leslie Sanchez:

Leslie Sanchez: Well I don't speak for the McCain campaign -- I'm a Republican, will likely be with McCain, but the bigger issue, I think, she raised some really important points. Is McCain, and are these candidates addressing the Hispanic community? Do Latinos look at issues differently?

I did speak to the McCain campaign about this, and they said, you know, we get a lot of different requests. It would be just like Huffington Post, or maybe a progressive or left-of-center blogosphere organization trying to say--How are they phrasing these questions? Is this for political posturing? Or is it really to get to the heart of these things? I think there might be a little bit of all of that.

But the real issue is, are these candidates addressing the concerns of Hispanics? Are they going out to the communities to do that? Look at the fact that John McCain attended four different events in the last 30 days with Hispanic audiences. And I was at many of those events, and they were very left-of-center, Democratic audiences, talking to very much what she's saying about immigration. All the questions that came up.

He at one point even tossed the microphone to one of the biggest open-borders advocates, who was wearing a Barack Obama pin, when they shut off his microphone, Enrique Morones down at San Diego, and he let him have his say.

He wants to have a dialogue about immigration. He wants economic opportunity for Latinos. And I think in many ways both of these candidates can still do more to fundamentally understand the roll of latino women in there and how diverse this community is, because it's not the same latino community it was in 2004. It's so different today.
Leslie Sanchez - CNN American Morning (8 August 2008)

There you have it.  It's not directly from the mouth of John McCain but it's clear that the McCain campaign officially responded through Leslie Sanchez.  Some of the strongest voices in the Latino blogosphere have been tossed aside because they're like the Huffington Post. 

Sanchez suggests McCain has been paying attention to Latinos by pointing to the four Latino events he attended in the last month, but it was during those events that the idea for the questionnnaire came about.  The candidates were speaking in soundbites, not with substance.  I was in San Diego, too, and the audience didn't look very left-of-center, to me.

It's good to know McCain doesn't think we're worth his time.  It certainly tells me something about who the most pro-migrant candidate is.

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