McCain Neglects the Pro-Migrant Blogosphere

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If you haven't heard it already from my blogmigos, the Obama campaign has gotten back to us with their answers to the questionnaire we've sent out to everyone.  The McCain campaign has not only been silent, they've shown a plain lack of courtesy. 

"The first phone call I placed was answered cordially.  I was told that someone would get back to me.  I never heard back from anyone," said  The Sanctuary editor Kety Esquivel of who has appeared on CNN to discuss the questionnaire.  "The second time I called, the person I was  speaking with hung up and the third time I called the line was disconnected."
The Sanctuary (4 August 2008)
I've been very careful and very explicit on this blog about the fact that I have not yet endorsed anyone for President.  If it were just about my personal feelings it would be pretty easy to endorse someone, but I feel like I have a duty to migrants to endorse someone that will get them away from this horrible fear and suffering as quickly as possible.  Whether that's a Republican, a Democrat, or a third party candidate, all options are open as I see it.

Still it's hard to remain open when the McCain campaign is refusing to give us the time of day while the Obama campaign has taken the time to carefully answer almost all of the 38 questions we sent to them.  I really hope McCain answers by the deadline we've set for him.  Otherwise the only conclusion I'll be able to draw is that McCain will not give migrants the time of day.

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