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There are many groups on the front lines of the immigration issue who give so much to help those migrants making the treacherous journey into the United States.  One such group is Humane Borders who assists migrants at the border by setting up water stations.

Humane Borders Needs Donations at Latino Politico. This saintly group has been attacked by having all the tires on 5 vehicles slashed.

Legal Resident Jailed Indefinitely: Accused of lying to ICE agent at Eristic Ragemail. It's getting easier and easier to clearly point out the prejudiced and unjust actions of ICE.  That, of course, is not something that give me the warm and fuzzies.

Just when you think that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could not get more outrageous they pull out a new transgression. Apparently, ICE can jail you indefinitely for "lying" even if you are here legally and even if there is no probable cause for their questioning.

How to *really* help young Latina girls at Vivir Latina. "The organization Circle de Luz provides university scholarships and educational mentorship to young Latinas."

Donna Poisl, A Friendly Voice for Immigrants at La Mariposa En La Pared.

Does an Obama win signal an end for the need for affirmative action? at Latina Lista.

Democratic Platform Immigration Plank: The good, the bad, and the ugly at Migra Matters.

Ensuring Due Process: The National Immigrant Bond Fund at Standing FIRM. Also The Irony of Immigrant Olympics:

But, after learning more about the political implications of hosting the Olympics and the way countries (and at times, violent regimes) use the games and the positive attention to gloss over any previous transgressions, I must admit that my zeal for the Olympics has waned since Atlanta. For more on this, you should definitely check out a recent post from Nezua at the Unapologetic Mexican - beautiful writing on an ugly subject.
Also at Standing FIRM ACTION: Protest the Border Wall, 'Laberinto de miradas': Global Immigrant Identities and Italian Army Takes to Rome's Streets in Anti-Immigrant Fervor.

Postville Update: ACLU Uncovers PROOF of Justice Denied in Speedy Cattle Barn Trials! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Nebraska is hoping on the immigration train? Nebraskans are considering an immigration policy at Damn Mexicans.

Get your daily dose of The Unapologetic Mexican in Tell it to Tezcatlipoca and grab a badge for your blog or website to support the wonderful writing there.

Detention Center Supervisor pleads guilty to Civil Rights Crime at Pro Inmigrant. Also Comprehensive Immigration reform an Identity and a hope stolen!!!!!

Is Wal-Mart telling its employees how to vote? Read Wal-Mart, Stop It... at Awearness blog.

John McCain's Wiki- Foreign Policy Knowledge at Blue Mass Group.

You mean, she would have coasted in Iowa had Edwards' not been on the ticket at Culture Kitchen.

E-Verify Commentary by the Christian Science Monitor at Dream Act Texas. Also E-Verify Final Comments Due August 11.

Beijing 2008 - Olympic Games and the Power to Unify Diasporas at No Border And Binaries.

Daughter Of Mexican Immigrants Became A Force In U.S. Water Polo at Nuestra Voice.

Defective E-Verify Expands Despite Flaws Experts' Comments Slam Employment Authorization Program at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Federal Judges Complain about Immigration Caseload and New Immigration Articles from SSRN.

La Chola's reluctant john edwards semi-post.

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nezua said:

you know, for what it's worth, i think you people here at the lusciously designed citizen orange (i mean come on you can TASTE the pulp!) do a great service with your regular roundups. gracias.

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