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We celebrate the gold medal victory of first generation American Henry Cejudo.  His victory, along with other immigrant victories, only demonstrate how diversity is what makes us strong.  Talent from all of the world comes to the U.S. making us all better and stronger.

Can't Get Enough of Postville! ACLU Obtains Government "MANUAL" FOR PREPACKAGED GUILTY PLEAS FOR PROSECUTION OF IMMIGRANT WORKERS at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Only in America!!!!!!!!!! Son of Undocumented Immigrant Wins Gold for USA.

Child of Illegally Present Immigrants Wins Gold For US at Greg Siskind's Blog. Also This Is Not Making Us Safer.

The surliness just drips from this narrative by Emily Feder, a US citizen, who was detained for hours at JFK Airport in NY. Denying people access to the bathroom, food, water? Collectively punishing people? Is this airport inspection or a warzone?

Son of Undocumented Immigrants Wins Gold at Damn Mexicans.

Latino Henry Cejudo Gets Olympic Gold, Gets Stereotyped at Vivir Latino.

Maryvale Scores A Gold at Latino Politico.

Olympic Gold and The Taste of Bittersweet Irony at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Olympics Spotlight: A mighty win for the "future of wrestling" at The Latin Americanist.

Citizens of Postville, Iowa report ICE has created "open-air" prison in town that keeps detained immigrant women from feeding their children at Latina Lista.

The story of the largest immigration raid in history that happened at Postville, Iowa would seem like a "has-been" story regurgitated ad nauseam, but there's a second part to it that is proving to be more disturbing than the surprise raid and round-up of 389 people.

BVBL Strives for High Standard? at Anti-BVBL. Sometimes those opposed to undocumented immigrants actually sound rational - though I still don't agree with them.

Dream Act Texas links us to Democracy Now's show on DREAMer Hiu Nui Ng Dies in Prison from Untreated Cancer. Also teachers carrying guns in Welcome to the Wild West in Wilbarger County Texas.

HIV Ban: The next step at Immigration Equality Blog.

The Invisibles that Made the Beijing Games - Dark Side of the Olympics at No Borders and Binaries. Also Deport Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo - Son of Undocumented Immigrants!, Raj Bhavsar does us proud - Third Indian-American to win a medal at the Olympics and IOC censoring videos of the Beijing Olympics - Piratebay sent a warning.

Latino Advice For Obama and Obama Reaches Out To Latino Voters at Nuestra Voice.

The Border Wall Film and EA Today Article: Border Crossing at Smart Borders.

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PL said:

I think I need to stop writing about the Olympics... Lol. Thanks for your hard work symsess and for keeping us all connected. It's GOLD!

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