Calling All Hunters - The Border Awaits

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Recently the Border Patrol placed an ad in a hunting magazine looking for recruits.  What type of person picks up a hunting magazine, sees the ad for Border Patrol agents and places the call to join? Is this person mad at those "illegals" that "took" their job? Are they a person that didn't want to join the military, but figure if you can hunt deer why not hunt migrants? Or is it just a "patriot" that decided they wanted to help "protect" America from the "invasion?"

While there is activity that demands the border be watched, let's face it - if drugs have been the biggest threat over the past many years it's going to take more than an few Elmer Fudds to deal with that. The "war on drugs" hasn't done anything to deal with the problem of drug use no more than recruiting thousands of new Border Patrol Agents will stop the flow of migrants from impoverished countries.

Much like the other Armed Forces the Border Patrol is on a recruitment campaign and they're looking for venues to run their ads. Last year they tried to run an ad during the Super Bowl, but the NFL rejected the ad because it was essentially an anti-migrant ad portraying anyone crossing the border as a terrorist.

"The ad that the department submitted was specific to Border Patrol, and it mentioned terrorism. We were not comfortable with that," said Greg Aiello, a spokesman for the NFL. "The borders, the immigration debate is a very controversial issue, and we were sensitive to any perception we were injecting ourselves into that."

While the NFL rejected the ad the Border Patrol did find one magazine that would call it home - a hunting magazine called "Outdoor Life." This is a wonderful magazine that offers such gems as pictures of men proudly displaying animals they've killed for sport. In their DIY section they show you how to turn your shotgun into a "camo turkey special." They labeled this the "Disappearing Act." I guess it's not easy enough to kill animals with a tool that launches projectiles at 500 feet per second.

It must be very promising for the Border Patrol to recruit men and woman that enjoy hunting. What better people to watch our border than those who wear animal urine and use bating, bows and guns to lure and kill animals that cannot defend themselves. Much like the migrants who seek a better life in America these animals are dependent upon the kindness and compassion of others - the kind that does not come flying from the end of a gun. 

Sadly the idea of hunting undocumented migrants, who have been dehumanized by many groups, is common enough that a quick search on You Tube brings up a video of children playing out this sick fantasy in "Shooting Mexican Hopping Border."  Just last year Republican students at NYU created a game titled Find The Illegal Immigrant. Even ICE uses the term "hunt" on their website. As we well know ICE goes after hard working migrants not the allusive "aliens" who are "victimizing" our communities.

"ICE Assistant Secretary Myers said, "America's welcome does not extend to immigrants who come here to commit crimes. ICE will leave no stone unturned in hunting down and deporting aliens who victimize our communities. Interior enforcement initiatives like Operation Return to Sender are a critical and necessary complement to our nation's border security measures."

The call to hunt undocumented migrants has made it to the radio as well.  Fadio host Brian James of KFYI in Arizona stated on his show:

What we'll do is randomly pick one night - every week - where we will kill whoever crosses the border. Step over there and you die. You get to decide whether it's your lucky night or not. I think that would be more fun...[I'd be] happy to sit there with my high-powered rifle and my night scope.

Even a candidate for Alabama's Attorney general office, Larry Darby stated of Harry Lyon's desire to make it law that undocumented migrants would be hanged in public:

Darby ... said he would support Lyon in his election bid. "If he's willing to have public hangings of Mexicans, that sounds like he's the right man for the job," Darby said.

And in a June 2000 Frontline article titled The Hunt For Mexicans we read:'

On May 14, 74-year-old Samuel Blackwood of Bracketville, Texas, shot a Mexican migrant, Eusebio de Haro who had stopped at Blackwood's home and asked for water. Blackwood and his wife refused to give water. Then Blackwood chased de Haro and shot him in the leg. The migrant bled to death. Two days later, ranchers in the Douglas area chased and shot at a group of 30 immigrants. By late May, vigilante squads had shot at least four migrants. These were no accidents, since the ranchers have circulated handbills asking others to join them in "hunting the Mexicans for sport".

ICE understands they can use the anger of some citizens to recruit which is why this type of propaganda goes hand in hand with a hunting magazine. We can see this type of anger being played out all over the net in other places as well "rednecks". In this video a wrestler named JBL goes hunting for undocumented migrants as part of a WWE skit. In another video, titled "Shooting illegal Mexicans wish we could" a group depicts a violent gunning down of an undocumented migrant after baiting him with Taco Bell burritos.

This is how the ad depicts the job of Border Patrol Agent:

Working as a Border Patrol Agent is not a job, it is a career. The Office of Border Patrol is looking for men and women just like you: the right men and women to protect our country's southwest border. As a Border Patrol Agent, you will enjoy an excellent salary and great benefits... Are you up for the challenge? Come work in an exciting environment with wide-open spaces and opportunities to match.

I'd like to know what's so exciting about seeing a man, woman or child mostly dehydrated and close to death trying to get across the border? Is seeing the suffering of others supposed to excite these people? Well, considering they enjoy watching animals suffer I guess it seems so. The Border Patrol is essentially saying if you like killing things and handling weapons then they're looking for you to watch the border. 

In another recent hiring campaign by the Border Patrol, in Minnesota, the Pioneer Press ran an add for the Border Patrol stating:

"We're looking for people with all their senses in overdrive,'' starts the pitch. "Your sense of duty, of determination, teamwork and adventure. Whether it's on an ATV, or the back of a horse, up in a chopper or out in a heavy duty 4X4, you'll be keeping the country safe from terrorism, drugs and criminals by stopping them at the border.''
Adventure? Is this an Indiana Jones movie or a supposed real "war on terror?"

Last year the Minutemen posted a video on You Tube depicting their hunt of an undocumented migrant. While they claimed later the video was fake it's quite apparent that these guys get exited about the idea of shooting at people who've done nothing more than try to cross the border without permission.

While I find the Minutemen to be a slimy bunch (and one of them from the Antelope Valley, Frank George, believes we should start shooting politicians too) they're not the only ones who like the idea of shooting undocumented migrants at the border. Ranch Rescue is a group of vigilantes that patrol ranches armed with high powered weapons. One member of this group is an immigrant from New Zealand who laments in this video "I feel angry that they're putting foreign citizen's rights and welfare and all the rest of it above the United State's citizens. I think that's not fair."   She explains to the camera quite proudly that when she does come across "illegals" wearing bullet proof vests she has bullets capable of "neutralizing" them.

Here's the latest Border Patrol video meant to depict a world in peril that can only be saved by a few good gun toting Americans. Surely this video makes Tom Tancredo proud.


To finish I just want to congratulate McCain on his choice for VP, Sarah Palin, who in this New York Times article sits on a couch with a bear carcass draped on it.  I'm sure there are many a proud hunter out there.  The story states of Palin:

She is a member of the National Rifle Association, and has said Alaska's economic future depends on aggressively extracting its vast natural resources, from oil to natural gas and minerals.
Our future, just like that of the hunter who becomes a border patrol agent, depends on destruction.  So whether you're looking to shoot at people or animals or just pillage the Earth's resources you know what to do. 

Calling all you have a job and a candidate.  Sweet.

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