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Peaceful Border March to Protest the Border Wall Aug 27 - Aug 31, 2008 at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Latinas and Allies, Join/Organize Protests at YOUR local I.C.E. Offices at La Chola.

It is imperative that we send a message to I.C.E., President Bush and the upcoming Democratic Party Convention that there must be AN IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM ON ALL RAIDS, DEPORTATIONS, INCARCERATIONS AND SEPARATION OF FAMILIES. - FRIDAY, AUGUST 22ND at 4:00 PM. 

Also Update on sexist racism of

Latin@s and Allies: Join/Organize Protests at Your Local ICE Offices at Problem Chylde.

Texas Education: Arming Teachers to Teach at Para Justicia y Libertad. Only in Texas! A local school board, Harrold Independent School District, in rural North Texas unanimously passed the policy to allow its teachers and staff to carry concealed hand guns to school.

The Immigrant Dream at American Wetback.

The immigrant dream is to have a great job, own a home, have kids and live a peaceful neighborhood in which you can raise your children and give them every opportunity possible to make something of themselves.

"A Misguided Crackdown, treating the symptoms, but not the cause, of illegal immigration" at Anti-BVBL. References an editorial from the Washington Times.

Watch Lawrence Lessig on how "the rule of law" is strangling the freedom to create at Culture Kitchen.

This is a talk Lawrence Lessig gave at TED in 2007 in which he makes the connection between the weakining of democracy in the United States and "John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights and the 'ASCAP cartel'. "

Greenspan recommends more "skilled immigrants" - what about DREAMers? at Dream Act Texas. Also read The Dark Ages of the early 21st Century illustrating the mimicking of the past in the present and A Note on ICE "Doing Its Job".

New York Times Compares ICE Detention Centers To Gulags at Greg Siskind's Blog.

U.S. Border Patrol Reacts to a Rock With a Bullet Into Mexico at Vivir Latino.

Human Rights Groups Criticize Australia's Refugee Center at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Ten Agriprocessor Arrestees Released -

A federal immigration judge in Chicago granted requests from the women in a move that was opposed by federal immigration officials.

"It's essentially a legal slap on the wrist," Tim Counts, spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Thursday. "We believe if somebody has violated federal immigration laws, there should be consequences for it."

Also at IPB The Human Impacts of the Over-Inclusiveness of Immigration Enforcement.

The human impacts of the immigration raids on U.S. citizens and legal immigrants of particular national origins should not be ignored. As the Washington Post reminds us in a report today, it long has been the case that certain minority groups -- especially Latina/os and Asian Americans -- are presumptive foreigners subject to the immigration laws and border (and interior) enforcement. During the 1930s in the depths of the Great Depression, for example, state and local governments "repatriated" an estimated one million persons of Mexican ancestry -- two thirds of who were U.S. citizens.

Sickie Quickie: Obama-McCain at Saddleback Civil Forum at WOC PhD.

Overall the debate left me concerned about both candidates ability to lead according to the feminist principles to which I subscribe. Both McCain and Obama mentioned women as well as "women's issues." While McCain came across as paternalistic, Obama actual moved away from his normal women-as-anecdotes-style, which was nice.

The Changing Face of America, and Mark Penn's take on it at Latino Politics Blog.

Right-wing violence and mental illness at Orcinus on the murder of Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney.

U.S./Canada Border station at Pro Inmigrant. Also Interview with U.S. Border Patrol at Canadian Border, Exposing the blind side of Lou Dobbs in the War on Drugs and Broken Borders and Exposing the blind side of Lou Dobbs in the War in Drugs, and Terror.

Required Reading Before the Election at Wild Chihuahuas.

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