"Anchor Baby" Henry Cejudo Wins An Olympic Gold for the U.S.

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Photo: Saurabh Das / Associated Press

New York Times reports that Henry Cejudo, the son of unauthorized migrants, has just won the gold for the U.S.  For most nativists, however, Henry Cejudo is not a U.S. citizen.  He is an "anchor baby".
The term "anchor baby" riddles the site of supposedly "pro-legal, anti-illegal migrant" websites.  An "anchor baby" is the child of unauthorized migrants who has been given U.S. citizenship by birth. 
Nativists groups believe "anchor babies" should not be U.S. citizens, and are doing everything they can to overthrow or have the 14th amendment to the U.S. constitution overturned so that they're goal can be overturned. 

Meanwhile, people like Henry Cejudo are doing everything they can to contribute to the U.S. and make it a better place.  Here's what Henry Cejudo has to say to nativists:

"This is the American dream," said a joyful Cejudo, still wrapped in the U.S. flag. "The United States is the greatest country in the world."
Kevin Baxter - Los Angeles Times (19 August 2008)
If nativists don't believe Cejudo is a "real American" they should take it up with the U.S. Olympic Team.  I wonder if they'll take this off of the U.S. medal count with their "patriotism".

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PL said:

Wrote a piece too.

Watch out for Brenda Villa as well, also daughter of undocumented migrant, leading the U.S. women's polo team to the finals. :)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for posting the link, PL. Lot's of migrants representing us in the Olympics, huh? How about the Lost Boy from Sudan holding the flag. If nativists had there way, most of these people wouldn't even be here.

PL said:

The comments on the ALIcrappers sites are howlarious. Furious about the article, AP's "illegal alien" agenda, calls for deporting his supposedly undocumented parent, how he is not really American, should not be here and his medal taken away when 'anchor baby law' is passed etc.

I think we have like 33 immigrants total on the team. Canada is even more diverse. Their contingent walked in with some wearing turbans! :)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:


I feel like sometimes nativist parody themselves. I made up the title on the fly to make fun of them, and they're actually calling him an anchor baby, crazy. Some gems:

From vmonkey56:

When anchor baby law is passed will his medal be taken away? He should not be in America.

From joazhina:

An anchor baby is NOT a REAL American because his PARENTS are ILLEGALS!

From wmarincic:

He's winning in the Olympics while tens of thousands more illegals are robbing, killing and raping as members of gangs across the country. I will gladly take an Olympic loss and save an American's life any day. F the liberal media and what they are doing to destroy our country

From miguelina

Did the parents go to China to watch him? If so, what documents did they use to travel? Since this article "outs" them as known illegal aliens, they must be deported once caught.

I feel like if average U.S. citizens read this stuff they'll realize how out of control nativists have gotten.

symsess said:

It's quite disgusting that those comments are actually coming out of a human mind. I often state that varied opinions are acceptable and I realize everyone won't agree with me or others here, but to call someone an "anchor baby" is just callous. People seem to want to put others beneath them always. They see no value in celebrating others because they feel it devalues their own existence. So sad.

Thanks for the post highlighting this great athlete.

PL said:

It is a complete parody. What alternate universe ... Anyway, I also got someone on my blog talking about deporting Cejudo back to Mexico with his mother... This one from ALIPAC took the cake:

"The American tax payer have paid the way for the Olympian illegal’s victory in Beijing…..the price wasn’t just for this kid but for all the illegals and their children that have almost destroyed our country. This is a bitter-sweet win for America!"

What happened to the talks about virtual 'museum of intolerance?'

notadescendentof3rdworldeuropeantrash said:

amazing, amazing, all these idiots still using "anchor baby" despite the fact that one of its early uses was against the irish in the 1920's, before passage of 1924 legislation curtailing immigration. it was part of the anti-irish arsenal claiming that the irish were "soiling" both american blood and culture. For christ's sake, it's a freakin MARITIME metaphor idiots, of the sea ... boats, oceans, anchors ... anybody see how inapplicable it is to us mexicans?

Ragdeg said:

You all "Americans" sucks.
You all and your parents are migrants.
You and your sons can destroy yourselfs with nobody help.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Ragdeg,

I don't think all U.S. citizens suck, but I certainly get furious with nativists every now and again. It does us no good to get down on all U.S. citizens.

RGJR said:

It seems that nothing will satisfy all of these nativists. This guy my age is actually the best wrestler in the world and people still cannot get passed the color of his skin. Instead of focusing on his life struggles (raised by a single mom, etc) people just want to slander his name and his accomplishment.

I cannot believe peoople would be happier if Henry would have moved to Mexico as a child and lived a life full of deprivation than to see him struggle in America and become a world champion in wrestling. And yes people do struggle in America.

FYI, my parents came here illegally and I struggled to graduate from a respectable university. My dad had to work two full-time jobs so we can get ahead; I'd like to meet a "nativist" who would sacrifice himself like my dad did for my family.

And to scare all you nativists more, I work for the US government

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