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It turns out Mondays' raids led to the arrest of 595 people and I don't believe one word was mentioned at the DNC.

ICE gambles that Democrats and progressive bloggers are too distracted to call them out on latest immigration raid at Latina Lista.

Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance Calls for Support at Vivir Latino.

In light of lack of critical connection to immigrant communities displayed by our 'leaders,' it's important that we do what we can to help out. The following was put out by MIRA! in Mississippi--and organization that was working well before the recent raids to minimize the reach of the raid in Mississippi. See after the cut for ways you can help out.

IT'S NOW 595 at Greg Siskind's Blog.

Immigration: Too Hot for DNC? at Of América.

Outside of the Pepsi Convention Center are hundreds of immigrant rights groups planning a major mobilization this Thursday - the day of Obama's acceptance speech. They will protest what they believe is the unwillingness of Democrats and their Washington-based immigrant rights allies to seriously support what the press release of the March 25th Coalition calls "human legalization and a moratorium on raids and deportations."

Again ICE preventing Terror from Abroad but creating TERROR from Within at Pro Inmigrant.

This is an update to the story on the Mississippi raids.
U.S. immigration cops nab 595 in largest-ever raid - Reuters Tue Aug 26, 2008 PHOENIX (Reuters) - U.S. immigration agents have arrested 595 people at a Mississippi factory in what was the largest workplace enforcement raid in the United States to date, an immigration official said on Tuesday.

Sadly I don't think we're going to get a chance to hear from someone on the inside of this raid as we did in Postville.

Gonzalez said 475 detainees were transferred to an ICE detention facility in Jena, Louisiana, while nine unaccompanied minors -- eight males and one female -- were placed in the custody of the office of refugee resettlement.

A Hope Not Only of His Making by Nezua at Awearness Blog. Also at Awearness Blog Liza's post Michelle Obama, Teddy Kennedy And The Power Of A Media Moment.

Denver Day Two: Not So Strange Anymore at Para Justicia y Libertad.

From the last row and on the floor: A report from the Democratic National Convention as reported to Marlene H. Phillips from Blog For Arizona.

Democratic Convention Update: Hillary Clinton Gives Rousing Speech in Support of Obama-Biden! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Day 2 - The REAL democratic National Convention vs. the Police State at No Borders and Binaries.

DNC: Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Visit to Hispanic Caucus at Nuestra Voice.

Hillary Hits Home Run with DNC Speech at Vivir Latino and Mamita Mala on Bluegrass Roots.

The New and Improved DNC: Now with more beach balls and less gavel at Scholars & Rogues. Also DNC - Artistic Expressions .

Today's Video: Barack Obama do Brasil at The Latin Americanist.

"Were You in [It] Just for Me . . ." on Clinton's speech at WOC Phd.

The Bad Dream* at Dream Act Texas.

It starts with a loud pounding on your front door. Someone breaks through, there are men in black uniforms, with rifles in their hands. They are screaming. "Get up Mexican - we are sending you back home." Your kids wake up - they are crying. The dog is barking. One of the officers threatens to kill the dog if it doesn't shut up. The kids scream even more.

Also Perry, Iowa: Is it the next ICE target?and Typical phrase of the nativists...What part of legal immigration don't you understand? How hard is it to become a citizen?

BREAKING NEWS: Judge sets bail for two of the accused in Shenandoah Kick in the Head Fatal Beating at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Police Brutality at Denver DNC at La Chola. Also Devastating ICE Raids Continue to Destroy Communities.

Documentary: Valley of Tears from La Mariposa En La Pared.

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There is nothing insane about enforcing the laws of the United States of America wheather you agree with them or not. No one is above the law and no one promised any special treatment to those now being detained as the law allows.

Who has finally decided to stand up are the law enforcement agents assigned to apprehend those that are in the U.S. illegally. No excuses, no special deals. If you are here illegally you were aware of the consequences of being caught and deported, so don't blame U.S. laws for your situation.

symsess said:

The insanity lies in the injustices we see in these raids. If you take the time to read about the raid in Postville you'd understand that what we're seeing isn't justice.

I'm glad you feel that no one is above the law, but let's face it when you have money and status you can get away with committing crimes. The more poor you are the more likely you are to get the full force of the law. These people are working. That's what makes it so easy to arrest them. ICE knows they're going to be at work. They're hard working people just trying to get by in this world and just like any responsible person they're doing what they have to in order to find work.

I can't argue with you on what is and isn't "the law", but I can say that laws can and should be changed when they are unjust. It's one thing to "know the consequences" and be held accountable it's entirely another to be treated like a hardened criminal. ICE is a terror organization that just shows the goals of this administration are to bring terror to people inside and outside of the United States. That's not the way America should be.


You want the laws changed for the benefit of those who have already broken the law by being here illegally. How convenient it would be if everyone wanted to change a law after they have commited the crime. I enjoy driving fast and believe the speed limits are too slow, but I drive the posted speed anyway because I know what will happen if I don't. Until the law is changed it must be obeyed wheather you think it is fair or not. You work at changing all the laws you want, but until they are changed, obey them. ICE is doing what they were trained to do and are paid to do. If you are in such disagreement with the way America conducts itself you have the freedom to leave, but make sure you enter whatever country you go to legally with proper documentation and permission from their government to do so. If not, you could be spending a little time in a jail cell until you get deported back to this horrible country that can not enforce its immigration laws without being demonized.

symsess said:

First of all the 'laws' were broken long before these migrants came here by our own government if you want to really get into it. The thing is that we didn't want to follow those laws because they weren't our own; yet, we want everyone else to obey our law even if it means their starving to death. To fail to recognize our country's involvement in other country on the negative is quite irresponsible. You want to isolate occurrences, but there's linear movement to everything.

While you may be the only one who doesn't speed we certainly wouldn't fault a soon-to-be father speeding his wife to the hospital nor would we fault a mother speeding her injured child either. Sadly in your world it seems we'd arrest the father and the mother could give birth in shackles as ICE made a woman do about a month ago. Ok, they were just doing their job. I understand.

If you are in such disagreement with the way America conducts itself you have the freedom to leave

I hear this so often from "patriots" like you. If you don't like this country then leave. Oh we like it quite a bit and that's why we're trying to change the way it's currently treating migrants. This rather idiotic love it or leave it is not the way this country came to be what it is today. If I were you I'd take a little time to read about all the laws of the past which have been changed because they were deemed unjust, unreasonable, cruel or just silly.

I'm not leaving this country so don't worry about that and if you continue to be nothing more than a provocateur on this site you'll no longer be welcome here. If you want to discuss this issue we're all ears. If you just want to provoke others then you can comment elsewhere.

Generally we ask that you tell us a bit about yourself. Given you can read about why we're writing on this site, and who we are, in the authors page why not tell us a bit about yourself? Seems fair to me.

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