5 English Lessons From the Anti-Immigrant Movement

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Any nativist will tell you that polls show 1,000% of 'Mericans support speaking only English in the United States of America.  It doesn't matter if the U.S. can't even understand the languages of the countries it goes to war with (you don't need to understand people to shoot at them).  If people can't speak English like they're supposed to, they're not real 'Mericans

Using this iron-clad logic, I thought I'd compile a list of five English lessons for those that want to learn to how to be a real 'Merican and speak English.

1. Make English America's Offical Language

2. This is America and Our Only Lanaguage is English.

3. No Mas[!] Illegal Alliens 'R' Fugitives From Justice[!] Go Home[!]

4. We're Not Ra$cists, Your Are Illegal.

5. Get a Brain Morans[!]...Go USA[!]

In conclusion, English is America's Offical Lanaguage! Your 'R' Ra$cist Allien Morans! 

Learn how to say and spell this sentence, and you're on your way to becoming a true 'Merican.  Good luck patriot.

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Also feel free to submit your own nativist English lessons in the comments section.

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kyledeb said:

This was cross-posted on The Sanctuary.

anon said:

Let's not overlook the fact that even though these people may be idiotic and attempting to hide their xenophobia behind the law, they do in fact have a point - it's all in the name: "ILLEGAL immigrant."

liv said:

Love the post, and the pics!

MdeG said:

I guess these pictures explain why it is that some people feel insecure and easily threatened.

RickB said:

Well exactly, they are not even aware they speak... American. English has a c in defence, a u in colour and don't even talk to me about diarrhoea (and even as I type the US language spellcheck in Safari red lines those spellings, talk about linguistic imperialism! -or use firefox with custom dictionaries!). So if they are to be taken at their word they should be protesting against every school in America as none of them teach their beloved 'English'. Although going from their spellings I think maybe what they want is some hitherto unimagined language, loosely rooted in American but with an exciting approach to spelling based on the randomly misheard rantings of millionaire talk radio hosts.

Ahem, their own language (as is English) is an organic evolving (oops I bet they don't like evolution either) mish mash of words, what all purists demonstrate is a sublimated wish for separation and cultural dominance, codifying it in a language issue is no less risible. Never mind their mask for racism is made even more transparent by the fact they can't even write the language they profess to love so much (that's public schools under a neoliberal economy for you, together with corporate media they are misdirected to attack their natural allies not the real enemy. Divide and rule, the oldest game in town. Learn languages and unite you -morans-).

V said:

These are all really old pics anyway.

John said:

Learn how to say and spell this sentence, and your on your way to becoming a true 'Merican. Good luck patriot.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:


touche, you got me there. Bad grammar on my part. I changed it above.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear anon,

Well I'm glad you condemn the xenophobia of the anti-migrant movement. That beings said, I don't believe any human being should be considered illegal. Nativists like to draw a black and white line between legal and illegal immigration when the truth is it's a whole lot of grey. It's precisely this distinction that leads to the dehumanization of migrants.

And they wonder why their jobs are in jeopardy! LOL

jessica said:

yeah....now I see why these idiots are so worried about people taking their jobs...can't be easy to find a job when you failed elementary school.

Elton said:

People who "support" illegal immigrants are doing everyone a disservice. Those who come are almost certain to be exploted almost to the point of slave labor while the corrupt mexican government is able to export those who might make actually change things without that pressure valve. We need to focus on fixing problems not on encouraging the continuation of a broken system and many people believe that the first step is to stop illegal immigration.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Elton,

Welcome to Citizen Orange. I appreciate your respectful tone, but I have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The measure of a society is how we treat the least among us. Everywhere in the world migrants are the victims of horrible discrimination to the detriment of the native population as well.

If migrant were legalized and allowed to practice the full extent of their rights, the wouldn't have to be exploited like slave labor. The other thing people don't realize is that when you legalize migrants, the first thing that they do is they go home, and they contribute to the countries their leaving from. Right now they can't help out in Mexico, because they live in absolute fear and hang onto survival by a thread.

Legalizing migrants is the only real solution to this crisis.

Devon said:

Just giving the US a worst name because of a couple of idiots

DM said:

I have one more for you Kyle, question was whether undocumented immigrants should be allowed in to community colleges and charged an international rate.


Yes, they sure does not it.

Tose said:

@ kyledeb:

You are awesome. Thanks for putting into words exactly what I was thinking.

Mike Jones said:

If'n I wuz az dum az theze dudez i'd b scareded uv illigals two!

Kathleen Schuitema said:

I agree with Anthony.

Nick said:

Way to negate their actual point by pointing out ridiculous minor spelling errors.

God forbid someone misspells something. Then they are obviously racist morons.

It's also hilarious to me that you describe them as "Anti-Immigrant." That is wildly disingenuous, and I would imagine you know that.

They are anti-ILLEGAL immigrants. There is a HUGE difference. No one (beside idiots) are arguing for ZERO immigration. We migrated here. My ancestors immigrated here from Italy, LEGALLY. I know this, because I have been to Ellis Island.

I could not possibly care what country the people are coming from. If they want to come here legally, become a contributing part of our society, and attempt to achieve the American dream, more power to them, and we welcome them with open arms.

All we ask is that you do it properly. Granted, the proper channels need to be fixed, and we need to make it easier for people to get here LEGALLY. But, just because our current system has problems, does not mean we should let the worlds poor flood across our borders. It is unfortunate, and I wish it was not this way, but we just cannot house the entire world. It is not possible. We physically and financially cannot support everyone.

And to say I'm a 'racist' because of this, is beyond ridiculous. Again, I'm Italian. I don't care if it was 12 million illegal Italians, I'd be saying the exact same thing.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Nick,

Welcome to Citizen Orange and thanks for commenting here. Do you know what the LEGAL (to use your capital letters) U.S. immigration system is like? Do you know the bureaucratic horror stories that 'LEGAL' migrants suffer through? If you are a low-skilled worker and you don't have a family member in the U.S. your chances of migrating 'LEGALLY' to the U.S. are virtually nothing.

I appreciate you coming here, and I encourage you to comment more, but I also encourage you to do your research. The whole 'ILLEGAL' / 'LEGAL' dichotomy that nativists groups have gotten U.S. citizens to believe is a phony way to divide humanity, and make people feel better about the inhuman way migrants are being treated.

Nick said:

I appreciate your quick response.

As I said, I realize our system is broken, and needs to be fixed. I agree. It is way to hard for people to legally migrate to this country.

That does not mean however we should allow unchecked immigration.

And again, I realize that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are hard working people that just want a better life for their families. I completely understand, and I do not fault the immigrants for wanting to come here. I fault our politicians for doing such a horrible job.

Also, as I stated, it is physically and financially impossible for us to help everyone.

The problem with the immigration debate, is it's highly emotional. If you listen to each individual story, they are heartbreaking, and I wish we could help everyone. But unfortunately, we cannot. There are 6 billion people in the world. With a large, large portion living in poverty, and in bad situations. As I said, There stories are heartbreaking, and I wish we could help every single one of them, but we cannot.

We can however make the process for immigrating to this country legally easier. We can also do whatever we can to help these people improve their home countries, so that they will not have to leave their families & home nations to make a decent living.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks Nick,

I can tell you're not one of the many nativist trolls that are paid to fill the internet with "I'm anti-ILLEGAL migrant, and anti-migrant" comments.

I can tell your heart is in the right place. What I would say to you about your latest comment, is that migrants aren't asking for a hand-out. They're not asking to be helped. They want to work. I would agree with what you're saying if migrants we're being given something, but their not being given anything. If anything they give to the U.S. They pay billions in taxes, they contribute to the economy, and so much else. I encourage you to find any respectable statistics to the contrary.

I also encourage you to take a deeper look at what is happening to the U.S. as people are cracking down on unauthorized migrants. You have millions of people living within the U.S. in fear. You have migrants dying in detention centers, because the U.S. can pay private corporations to imprison them, but not to provide them with health care. See the latest death of Hiu Lui Ng.

The only solution to this problem is to provide opportunities in the countries that migrants are coming from. Global inequity is to the root of the problems associated with migration and that's what we have to put our efforts into fighting.

You see, I agree the U.S. should not shoulder the sole burden of ending this global inequity, as you have said, but with the migrants that are coming to the U.S., the U.S. has a historical responsibility to treat these migrants humanely. Just a short looks at the history of the U.S. and the Latin America countries where migrants are fleeing from shows that the U.S. has been complicit in forcing this mass migration North.

If the U.S. wants to crack-down on employers, fine. I don't feel like that's the solution, but fine. The U.S. should not, however, take all of this out on unauthorized migrants. Just look at the numbers. In 2007 just 15 employers were prosecuted for hiring unauthorized migrants. That is unnacceptable.

Propecia said:

great spelling job by that last guy by the way. i never knew moron was spelled that way lol.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Pretty hilarious huh? Thanks for leaving your comment here at Citizen Orange Propecia.

Angelo Demian said:

Weeeeeeell well, funny inclusive. America is a CONTINENT not a contry, so, GOOD LUCK with that. Anyway, is really an aberration what happens daily without the media (checked by the goverment) doing nothing, an so, the "free media" is exposed at what really is. I hope there will by a change soon, `cause you know what happens when water gets VERY, VERY hot.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

America is a continent not a country. I love that saying. Thanks for stopping by at Citizen Orange and I hope to see more of you here.

James said:

Sorry to rain on your parade, but we are all immigrants. Plus, the people who come to the USA from Latin American countries are the foundation of the USA. I am very patriotic and love my country, but without hispanics, this country would fall apart.

Empea said:

Legalise migration? Just let anyone in willy nilly? Yes, there are holes in the system, but there are reasons its hard to get in!

If it was too easy to get in, the USA would be flooded by millions of migrants, jobs will run thin, the unemployed will have to be supported by the state, taxes would soar (probably by more than we pay in England, which is easily 4 times more than you currently pay) and the US economy will simply collapse - no country can just afford to support half of the 3rd world! Hence, why people who come into the country without permission, are illegal! If everyone who wants to do it, did it - US would be screwed and the 3rd world would simply spread to more parts of America

judolphin said:

I was going to thumb up your article, then I thumbed it down because you asked me to thumb it up. People need to stop asking -- it's pathetic and completely against the spirit of Stumbleupon. We give the site a thumb up if we want, and we ignore it if we want.

Joe said:

actually English is technically not the official language in United States. Its just the most commonly used. Just found this out the other day.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear judolphin,

I'm sorry to hear you decided against thumbing it up. I only ask because there are people who don't know about StumbleUpon, but I understand where you're coming from.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Empea,

Perhaps it has to be difficult to migrate to the U.S. but it shouldn't be impossible. Worst of all the system as it is right now is completely broken, and even supposed "legal" migrants suffer.

I disagree with your characterization that taxes would soar and that the economy would collapse though. There are no statistics that indicate anything of this kind.

In the end though the only real solution is to provide opportunities to the migrants in the countries that they're coming from. Something first world countries like the United Kingdom and the United States are not doing nearly enough of.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Joe,

A lot of people do want to make English the official language of the U.S., though.

Don Quixote said:

Wellcum two Merca! (the world's first Idiocracy.)

Any multilingual knows that U.S. English is a mongrel/mutt of a language. That's why it's the perfect 'lingua franca' of globalization and why it'll never die even after the U.S. does. It's downright un-American not to know a few words of Spanish, which was the first European language spoken on what is now U.S. territory, or a few words of a Native American language, or French or Portuguese, two more old European languages that have been here for ages.

non-american said:

Americans are idiots

Whatever said:

U R a stupid people, please, please, go U from the rest of the word,M.F´s

America is only eeuu, idiots.

Racist, U R a bad people, think a little. bye.

Josh M. said:

You know its sad to hear from all of this! I've seen bumper stickers with a word that i strongly believe in and that is Coexist. Hispanics aren't perfect, neither are the whites, nor blacks, nor anybody else for that matter! The people from Iraq where the troops are, they don't see the color of the person, but the color of the uniform and the flag on the arm! I would be so disappointed to see this war in the system if i myself was a soldier fighting in the real world for what we all take for granted everyday!

I'm Hispanic that came here legally, on a plane, with a visa and now i am a permanent resident and its so sad to see both parties not doing the best for the other!


Pedo said:

Amerifags suck. Point proven.

Russell said:

I think we should be allowed to shoot them on the street once we know they are illegal. I firmly believe that doing so would make the risk overwhelm the reward. And there are no shades of gray in illegal immigration. There are rules in place for legal immigration. If you choose not to follow these rules, you are an illegal immigrant.

Paul B said:

You know, when I run across places where people want to point out the misspelling of words to others, I believe its so they can feel superior or point out they are somehow smarter. A word is misspelled. So what! You still understand the message that is being conveyed. Someday someone might invent a spell check for protest signs. So stop trying to show everyone that you are better than they are by pointing out that you’ve identified spelling errors within their message.

The message here is about illegal immigration. Without scrutinizing the spelling you might have a personal opinion about this topic. I read that some people here feel that these immigrants are victimized, discriminated against and are exploited. I’m sure the same could be said about other cultures immigrating to other countries as well. So it’s not just here in America that this may occur.

My personal opinion is that if the law says its illegal to cross our border without going through the proper procedure then the person or persons breaking the law should be punished. If “we the people” feel this is wrong then “we” need to change the law. Yes this may be very “cut and dry”. But that is how most laws are. If you rob a bank then you go to jail. That’s the law, “cut and dry”. In the future if the majority feel bank robbery is ok then you’re not breaking the law if you rob a bank. I believe I read that someone felt the immigration laws are too strict making it difficult to impossible to legally immigrate. That might be true (I don’t know), but even if they are we must obey the law until it is changed. A disregard for the law would lead to chaos. Isn’t that why we have neighborhood watch programs and create gang task force teams? To put a stop to the chaos from those who disobey the law.

It’s so easy to call each other prejudice when two different cultures disagree. When in actually the root in this instance is a legal issue. Here in America we all get to speak our minds. However your opinion may be in the minority. The minority must respect the opinions of the majority. If that weren’t true then it wouldn’t matter who was elected president because the minority would continually cause civil conflict or a civil war. The point here being that apparently the majority of the people must have agreed with the immigration laws which are currently in effect. The minority may disagree but they may not break the law just because they disagree. Work to change the law. It’s a slow process but nothing ever happens quickly.

And lastly for those here that have posted anti American sentiments. The people of the world are getting closer and closer. More businesses are operating globally then ever before. This means countries are going to interact more by trading more goods. Oil seems to be the #1 trade topic at the moment. We’re all going to have to get used to interacting with different cultures. The people of America don’t like to see women being abused; children working in sweat shops and religious groups killing each other. So we speak up! This doesn’t mean that the American people hate you. We are a free country. We are allowed to pray to any god we desire without retribution. If your culture doesn’t like that we allow certain religious beliefs, don’t come here. If your government or a government in your area of the world has asked us for aide, don’t be mad if we send in troops to help out. We will leave eventually and you don’t need to force us out. We don’t want to stay. So you don’t like Americans. Get over it! We all need to get over it! If you want something to hate then hate war and killing.

Endee said:

I'm American and Irish both. Here in Ireland, now that we're approaching a recession, folks are getting nasty about the immigrants we've been getting for the past few years. We forget that the Irish went to the USA and England wholesale when things were bad here.

The Irish are now looking for special treatment for Irish "illegals" in the States because we "helped to build the country". As if we were the only ones!

People will always try to live where they might have a better life. It's human nature. The USA has practically been founded on that idea.

Maybe I'm a stupid idealist who likes to think that anyone should be able to live anywhere on the planet, as long as they are tolerant and respectful of their neighbours.

Just don't get me started on language/ grammar/ punctuation, etc! There my toleration ends!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

A lot of disturbing trending popping up in this thread as of late. There seems to be some very harmful prejudice against the U.S., as well as some well-meaning but misplaced but well-meaning nativist sentiment.

I want to reply specifically to you Paul B, since you put a lot of thought into what you wrote. I appreciate you coming to Citizen Orange and I hope to hear more from you.

I wasn't in anyway pretending to be superior in my grammar and spelling when I wrote this. On the contrary, I make mistakes like that all the time. I was merely trying to point out the hypocrisy in being in favor of English-only legislation at the same time that many U.S. citizens can't speak, read, or write English very well.

As to your whole "law and order" frame. It's a sentiment expressed by many nativists who mean to dupe well-meaning people like yourselves. I must respectfully ask, do you know anything about immigration law Paul B? Do you know how complicated and contradictory it is?

Anyone familiar with the maze that is U.S. immigration law realizes that it needs fixing, and that it is out of date. U.S. immigration law is not only bad because it forces migrants to come to the United States illegally, it is also bad for legal migrants.

Mostly, though, I try to take a global view of migration. The U.S. is in most cases, at least partly responsible for the policies that led many of these migrants to migrate in the first place. By sponsoring things like the Bracero program in Mexico, brutal dictators in Guatemala, and causing civil war in El Salvador, it is an abdication of historical responsibility to suddenly say, we don't want these migrants anymore.

I'll let you chew on that a bit. But I appreciate you commenting here.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Views like your Endee give me hope. Thanks for commenting on Citizen Orange and I hope to see more of you.

dan burke said:

i have worked with hundreds of Mexicans. some of them really nice people and hard workers. Most of them use the bullshit excuse, no understand english. i tried to get two of the lazzy bastards to do some work , they kept saying no understand english. Well, about a week later I found out they were taking college english classes.

John C said:

Having lived in Mexico for years where I worked and spoke with returning illegals, and in the USA where I hired illegals and had the opportunity to speak at length with them, I gleaned this: Most Mexicans come here mostly to assist their families, a concept many Americans have lost. It is often a difficult move, and one of sacrifice and misery for the benefit of others often thousands of miles away. Once the family difficulties are stabilized in Mexico, many will return because their culture better suits their lives and their (lack of) education. Many who remain in the USA do so only because the majority of the family is also here.

I believe if we were in Mexico with a powerful and wealthy country next door, we too would move to overcome poverty. Who would blame us? Perhaps the less intelligent in the invaded country might attempt useless demonstrations and displays of anger and contempt, but we all know there are better solutions.

The difference is that if the situations were reversed, we Americans may be tempted to take over that more wealthy country by a show of aggression and force, citing our beliefs with loud shouts and aggressive taunts. The Mexicans will eventually take over here too, but slowly, usually peacefully, by simply and gradually increasing their numbers as good Catholics will.

The problem, as I see it is one of education. Both sides need to learn the values of knowledge and peaceful coexistence. All this fighting is not the solution. It is just a colorful display of the root of the actual problem. There is land enough for all. Perhaps not in the cities, but new cities can be established in currently vacant land if we can just get along. Peaceful integration of the existing illegals can provide values to both countries.

That issue resolved, we can enforce borders better and slow the continuing influx of illegals through a cooperative effort of Americans and existing, established illegals. Certainly both sides can provide the effort and input to secure the borders better and stabilize the flood to a more manageable trickle. I propose we make that effort the price for citizenship with a reasonable solution the final grade on the entrance exam.

When you know the Mexican people, you will understand that they are culturally disinclined to argue or fight. They are peaceful and hard working folk who only want to live. Both sides have much to give. Please, can we began to do more to support life and understanding and less to promote all this arguing and fighting?

The real answer is mandatory education for both sides, subsidized through minor public taxes and the wages of the workers and the demonstrators with the established illegals handed the illegal immigration issue to find a suitable and equitable solution.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Dan Burke,

While I appreciate you commenting here, I've got to say this perception that "Mexicans are lazy" really is, in effect, a racist perception. I'm not saying your a racist, just saying that that viewpoint is.

I'm not exactly sure what the situation is, but a lot of time you'll find Latinos feigning ignorance almost as a form of protest and defiance, not necessarily laziness.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear John C,

A lot of good discussion going on here that I didn't think would happen from that funny post I wrote.

I really hope a lot of people continue reading Citizen Orange and the discussion can continue.

You bring some really interesting perceptions and ideas to this, John C. I really appreciate how your conscience of different cultures and attempt to find a middle ground. I wish more people tried to do the same. I hope you'll work with me to find that middle ground.

Paul B said:

By attempting to point out the hypocrisy of those who can’t spell and are advocating English only, it (in my view) makes you appear as though you wish to dismiss their views because they can’t spell simple words. I see that as nothing more than attempting to side step an issue and belittling the person or persons. Why not ignore the trivial details that have nothing to do with the message and address the issue itself.

Kyledeb, you are correct. I know nothing of the immigration process or laws that govern it. However I am aware that crossing the border to into this country or any other country without going through the proper process is still illegal. You are probably correct and the immigration laws may need a revision. But until those laws are revised we must obey the law as it is currently written. There are many laws that probably could use a rewrite. It takes time and probably people like you to get it done. I have no motivation to try and get these particular laws changed. I’ve lived outside this country for several years during my military service. Doing so changed my views about leaving our borders. I have no desire to ever leave the United States borders. That would include crossing into Mexico or Canada. With that said I can sympathize somewhat with the people who want to come to this country. But they must come to this country legally.

As far as the U.S. taking responsibility for causing some of the problems in the world, I agree. There have been many times in the past were the actions of our government has come back to “bite us”. We provide millions of dollars in weapons and they turn around and use them against us. It’s one big chess game and personally I’m no good at chess. So I’ve got to depend on the politicians to play the game to win. Does that make me a bad person? Do I deserve to die at the hand of some Jihadist because I helped to elect someone who interfered in their countries problems? I hope not. You can’t please everyone all the time. If we didn’t interfere we would probably be blamed for allowing another counties leader to massacre thousands of people. We try to send in aid in the form of money and food and the corrupt leaders of these other countries disperse it in a way that make it appear like the U.S. is supporting the corrupt regimes.
Well I got off topic here. I was just trying to respond to your comments regarding Guatemala, El Salvador and alike. For the most part we are in agreement but our approach is different.

I saw a comment about the Mexicans eventually taking over. That can only happen if they migrate to India with the outsourced jobs (a little humor). What’s to take over? Maybe they can elect a decent president. (I get a bit apathetic regarding politicians)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Hey Paul B,

It really is a pleasure to have a reasonable conversation with someone who disagrees with me again. I can't tell you how many paid and volunteer commenters go around the internet saying things like "WHAT PART OF ILLEGUL DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" always in all caps.

You're absolutely right. The issue of the integration of migrants and the learning of a language is much more complicated than this post allows. I just wrote up this post for fun, and if some good conversation came from it, I'd be happy.

If you do want to delve into the English-only debate though, what I can tell you is that making English the official language is not the solution to the integration of migrants. The solution is English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, which believe it or not, are in huge demand all around the U.S. Migrants know they need to learn English to succeed. In fact, all the statistics show that present-day migrants are learning English at the same rate, if not faster then past migrants. It's certainly true that the next generation grows up fluent in English.

Politicians that sponsor English only legislation, without backing it up with the above, are just blowing smoke to make their constituents happy. In fact, there are many nativists that want to exclude the children of migrants (whom they call "anchor babies") from public schools. People like to think that these are extremists but their not. Their views have permeated government. There are 104 sponsors of the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007 in Congress which would seek to alter the 14th ammendment of the constitution and make it so that the children of unauthorized migrants aren't citizens, and aren't eligible to be educated in the U.S. This would certainly foster an underclass in the U.S. that doesn't understand English.

In the meantime it is my belief that it is essential to provide other than English support for migrants while they are integrating into U.S. society. Failure to do so results in inequity that further marginalizes migrants. If you want to converse more about the English aspect of this, I'd be happy to.

You state in your comment the following,

You seem like a reasonable and intelligent person Paul. And the above comment on it's face is a reasonable one. It's unfortunate that nativists in the U.S. have been able to turn this reasonable sentiment unto horrific action. It's because of this law and order frame millions of migrants in the U.S. are living in absolute fear. They came here for nothing other than to feed their families, and now they are subject to fear of ICE, fear of immigration raids, fear of languising in detention where dozens of migrants have died form lack of medical care. etc.

On it's face some people believe migrants deserve it, because they broke the law. But again, this is where it is important to understand that this idea that U.S. immigration law is cut and dry is completely false. This idea that there is a law that migrants break and it's black or white is just not true.

For instance, you state that coming into the U.S. illegally is a crime. This is true. But almost half of the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. actually came in on a tourist visa and overstayed their visa. This is not a crime but a civil violation. Another example of a civil violation would be not obeying the speed limit. That doesn't mean it's okay, but we don't go around coralling up everyone that breaks the speed limit, putting them in detention for months without any legal representation, and then deporting them to another country which for some means either certain death or misery.

Nativists always say that they respect "legal immigrants" but studies have shown that of the legal immigrants that are in the states, close to half of them have fallen in and out of legal status at some point. In other words, U.S. immigration law is so messed up right now, that almost half of "legal immigrants" have actually been "illegal" at some time.

If you think I'm just making this up, I encourage you to do the research if you desire. If not, I encourage you to read about the latest tragedy that a migrant had to suffer through. Check out the story of Hui Liu Ng.

Hui Liu Ng is the perfect example of how messed up the U.S. immigration system is and how drastic the consequences are. He was about to get his green card when ICE picked him up, eventually leading to his death. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been spending a whole bunch to detain more and more migrants, but hasn't been spending on medical care for those migrants so as a result, dozens have died like Hui Liu Ng.

I'll end by saying that I agree with you on your global argument. That even though the U.S. might be responsible for some of the things that migrants are going through, it doesn't mean that an average U.S. citizen like yourself should have to suffer for it.

Thanks again for the intelligent and reasonable conversation.

Paul B said:

I see no reason that our schools shouldn’t teach English to the kids who don’t speak it. However I don’t think that the adults who come to this country should get special treatment. By special treatment I mean that our government shouldn’t have to go out of its way to print forms in 50 different languages or keep translators on staff. If I want to learn another language I guess I would have to go to school or purchase some type of language tutoring software. It’s the way our free enterprise system operates. If I want something I’m going to have to buy it. So I don’t particularly want my tax dollars paying to accommodate someone from another country who doesn’t want to learn English. Let them buy the schooling to learn English.

I don’t really know if we need to make English the official language. It’s the language that is spoken in this country. If it were made “official”, does that mean those Americans that speak French in Louisiana must now be forced to only speak English? Somehow it really doesn’t make that much sense.

Can’t really comment about medical treatment in the detention areas. It’s a bit disheartening that there is so much public outcry about things like working conditions in other countries but next to nothing for human rights violations and basic medical attention right here at home. It seems interesting though that the American public keeps such a watchful eye on what big business is doing in places like China but almost completely ignores what the government is doing right here. Could be a hot topic during an election year.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

It's not really about special treatment. It's about providing language support in areas where it's needed, for instance in health, where misunderstandings and the failure to stop the spread of illnesses could hurt all U.S. citizens.

I think we get each other though, and I appreciate you commenting, Paul. I hope to see your comments more on Citizen Orange. I really appreciate what you have to say.

trina said:

ugh. horrible examples of america.

tomtom said:

As a Canadian who has lived overseas, I love that its always the guys who are pissed that immigrants dont English, are always the same ones I ran into in Europe who were pissed that no one spoke English. Ahh, hypocrisy!

ps> misspelled words dont dismiss your point - they just point out that you dont care enough to cover the details

Paul B said:

tomtom lives in a very small world! It seems he’s managed to run into the exact same people both here and in Europe! Did you get the names of those hypocrites? It quite a remarkable coincidence that out of the 6 million+ people here that you’ve run into the exact same people in Europe. Otherwise your statement suggests that all English-speaking people are hypocrites.

ps> the word dont uses an apostrophe between the n and the t (i.e.: don’t). You should check your details more closely. (Sorry I just couldn’t stop my self from pointing that out.)

qed said:

I thought this was a pictorial demographic study of Bush/Cheney/McCain/Palin voters.

Always B. Right said:

We use words to distinguish one from another all the time. There is nothing wrong with using the word "illegal" to describes those who have disregarded and who continue to disregard the laws of the land. Even after warnings, those who continue to disregard laws bring contempt upon themselves...even Congress in recent years has disregarded the will of the legal citizens of the USA. All they who make no effort to correct their lawlessness encourages warmongers and there should be no surprise in this. Our country has a long history of fighting for what is right...this is what makes our country mighty. With the Lord's help, we shall again overcome those who seek to tear down this country...those who disregard the laws of the land.

Always B. Right said:

Never judge a book entirely by its cover. Should we judge a person's character entirely by the way he spells? It appears that some do in an effort to distract from the very valid message itself.

I do believe and know that a common language helps to unite us. If all the immigrants that came to this country decided to keep themselves reclusive by not learning the national language, our country would be merely a nation of little nations, disjointed and unassimilated. The very name...The United States of America...indicates a willingness of its people to join together in helping to make our country great. The writer shows a lack of patience for those who use English. Perhaps he doesn't really understand who Americans really are? They aren't those who pretend to be here legally and ignore American laws. Americans are those who recognize the greatness and uniqueness of this country (One Nation Under God) and want to help build it up to further greatness to be a shining light to inspire other nations to treat their law-abiding citizens with inalienable rights.

What a a great country. When we love our country, we protect it from those who disregard our laws. Get right! Get legal! Be patient for those who are taking the steps (sometimes slowly) to be a true American citizen.

Snake said:

Society is a fluke...go anywhere you want where you get food and shelter for your kids...There is no such thing as international boundaries..otherwise all migratory birds are illegal too.

Sam Champine said:

Actually your the dumbass
The U.S. has no official language
It is not English although most Americans speak it.
However some of these people are retarded.

Anonymous said:

Such things can be found in any situation, right or wrong, either side of anything. Always... There's always a moron in the crowd. Even in a crowd full of genius minds. It's who organizes this stuff. Who post it. And to what context it's posted that always makes the difference. And we ALL know that there are occasions when sarcasm is used in "spelleeng" However I doubt that is the case in many ( or any ) of these photo's.

None the less my 1st point still stands. You can find people making asses of themselves on any intellect level, any situation, any time. It does not depict any group as a whole. That mode of thinking in itself matches the same state of mind of those racist bastards. Hate is hate.. Stereo-typing is... Stereo-typing. Race, religion, creed, culture ( including sub-cultures )

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