Watching McCain's Speech

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Note: Credit for this post should go to The Sanctuary.

There are a lot less people here to see McCain in San Diego, today.  Janet Murguia, President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), just introduced John McCain in a heap of praise over how John McCain has always kept the door open to NCLR.  If NCLR is so important to John McCain, then how come he doesn't list this speech in the Upcoming Events section of his website?  It lists the Coronado Campaign headquarters Grand Opening across the bay from here, but not the NCLR speech.

McCain's now mentioning his roll in trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  He's refuting Obama's complaint that McCain turned his back on comprehensive immigration reform.  He's tauting his efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the past, saying that Obama tried to pass and vote for ammendments meant to kill comprehensive immigration reform.  McCain says he means it when he says he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and that with all due respect, he's earned that trust.  Awkward smiles all around. 

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