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My post, The Intolerant States of America, made just a mild splash on the web, but some interesting things came up that I wanted to discuss.  It garnered 55 Diggs, 23 recommends and comments on Daily Kos, a few more comments over at Alternet, Blue Mass. Group, and The Sanctuary (feel free to show some love in any of these forums).

But it was a link from the blog of Samaha, that I'm most proud of.  She describes the mission of her blog as such:
Today, with the youngest also in Muslim school full time, I start a new page in my life.  I have for some time intended to become more active in social issues that tarnish the image of Islam.  It is my intention through this blog and through various means to inspire other Muslims to do the same in a pro-active manner.  It is no longer enough for us to just sit around the dinner table and discuss the wrongs being committed in the name of Allah, it is time to do something about it.
If all I did was brighten "this Muslim’s late night of online courses and cramming for tests" then every second I spent writing that post was worth it.  Samaha also directed me towards one of the vangaurds of the "Hussein" trend, Jeff Hussein Strabone who wrote "We Are All Hussein", way back in February. 

The most common reaction to my post in forums has been exactly what I expected, the U.S. is more tolerant than other places.  The first comment at Alternet sums up the reaction pretty well:

Truth is America is probably one of the more tolerant countries around. Look at what is going on in Africa, mid east, France with their Muslim population..China - America, for it's problems is still one of the better places in that regards
Peace [username] - Alternet
This is precisely the reaction that I think is the most problematic.  They are the reactions that seek to deflect the ugly truths about ourselves, the reactions that seek to give excuses for the outrageous intolerance that continues to be practiced in the United States. 

If people really and truly feel that things have gotten better in the United States, I encourage them to consider what is being done to millions of unauthorized and authorized migrants in the U.S.  Filter through the news that I filter through every day about the horrendous suffering that migrants are going through, right here in the U.S. 

Communicate every day, like I do, with U.S. citizens who are losing their homes because their husband was deported, with students who spend every ounce of their energy trying to be recognized in the only place they know as their home.  Look up any news article that boldly suggests migrants are actually human beings and see the hate that fills up the comments section.  It's no accident white supremacists are using migrant hate as a recruiting tool.

This is not a marginal issue.  This is not an accident.  This is the very aim of a policy of "attrition through enforcement", which seeks to make millions of people with in the U.S. so miserable that they are forced to leave on their own.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it's a policy that is being trumpeted by the U.S.'s most prominent anti-migrant organizations, and it has been adopted by some Presidential candidates.

Intolerance has not gone away, it has not improved in the United States.  It has only mutated, and anyone that sees it differently is lieing to themselves. 

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