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UPDATE: It looks as if the global perspective was discussed pretty extensively.  More in the comments.

If the internets sound a little quiet to you today, it's probably because a lot of people are at Netroots Nation.  Man Eegee from Latino Politico seems to be doing the best job at providing information relative to the sanctuarysphere.  He live blogged both the Immigration Panel and the Latino Panel.  It looks like you put a lot of work into it Manny.  Thank you.  Definitely go check them out for a summary of what looks like a good discussion.
Even then I imagine Manny wasn't able to cover everything, but still, it seems that there was a lack of discussion of many things global in the Immigration Panel.  Even the term used, "immigration", is a departure from the global reality of "migration". 

That really is unfortunate because the real solutions to what the U.S. is experiencing today as a result of migration are global ones.  We have to move towards a world where people migrate out of want, not out of need.  The only real solution is to give migrants opportunities in the countries they are fleeing from, and in many ways the U.S. bears at least some responsibility for stopping that from occuring.

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Hey Kyle,

Thanks for holding those of us who spoke at Netroots accountable for the global perspective, but Joshua Holland from Alternet did address the economic policy issues that drive immigration to this country in the last 15 minutes of the panel we did on "How to Win the Immigration Debate and Beat Back ICE's Emerging Police State."

I haven't checked out Manny's blog on it yet, but that was in fact one of his main closing points.

I think it really was an "aha" moment for a lot of progressives and caucasian allies in the room.



Man Eegee said:

Hi Kyle

it seems that there was a lack of discussion of many things global in the Immigration Panel. Even the term used, "immigration", is a departure from the global reality of "migration".

My fingers were done after liveblogging 3 1/2 hours since the latino panel and the immigration panel were back-to-back. The entire final conversation talked about global migration and the effects of economic policies that affect sender-nations. I didn't cover it because I was simply tired, but it did get a huge chunk of the framing on this issue. It was refreshing to see a conversation like that happen at Netroots Nation among many people who don't necessarily read our blogs. Joshua Holland did an awesome job of moderating, always bringing the discussion back to human rights, economic justice, and workers rights.

The panel went 30 minutes over the allotted time because we were having a great discussion. There were about 50 people there, one of the better-attended session. While no session is ever going to be perfect, I have to say that I walked away from it feeling great about the presentation, the discussion with the audience, and the various topics hit.

That being said, I think we can continue to raise the issues you talk about in the post linked at the top of this entry. They did get a lot of play in the discussion here in Austin, but as pro-migrant bloggers, we have a responsibility to continue the conversation.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for clearing it up friends,

If my post accomplished nothing else, than at least we have these global perspectives on the record now. Hope all is well.

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