The Illegitimate Daughter of Lou Dobbs

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Ask a Chola records a message for Lou Dobbs in this video:

The Pro-Migrant side is so much more fun than the nativist side.

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Kenny said:

This is really a cheap shot. You have no legal merit for your immigration argument, so you resort to immature smear tactics. LOL.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I'm going to publish this just because it merits a response. It's true this is a pretty low blow, but it's supposed to be humor and I hope that other people see it that way. If you have an issue with the video, take it up with Ask a Chola, not me.

That being said, this person "Kenny", from West Point, Georgia, illustrates just how much nativist trolls persevere on the Internet. "Kenny", or "George", or "Horace", or "Publius" or "John Wright", or "Thomas Mark Johnson", or "Robert Jones", or "William Smith", or "Heiserman", posts a comment almost every day on Citizen Orange, always changing his or her name.

"Kenny" even went so far one time as to fraudulently misidentify him or herself as one of the writers of this blog.

And "Kenny" accuses me of cheap shots. I'm telling you once and for all "Kenny", if you continue to post here on Citizen Orange, I'm going to dedicate an entire entry to you and title it, "The Portrait of a Nativist Troll", in which I will expose everything you've written here on Citizen Orange along with your location and IP Address. This is your last warning.

Prerna said:

I love this video -- Way too hilarious! Thanks for posting! :)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I'm glad you like it Prerna. I thought the toy dolls, houses, and cars were hilarious.

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