Stolen Guatemalan Babies in U.S. Citizen Arms

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The migrant story has more facets than a finely cut diamond.  The facet of Guatemalan adoption is one that I've touched every now and again. 

The BBC is reporting that for the first time, the Guatemalan government has "irrefutable evidence that a stolen child was put up for adoption."  The story is an unbelievably sad one.
This is what a free market in Guatemalan babies looks like:

The National Adoption Council used genetic evidence to confirm the account of a mother who recognised her baby in the company of an American woman.

The baby was abducted by armed men last year but tracked down by her mother.

A false birth certificate and a bogus DNA test were used to indicate that the baby was born to another woman.

Toddler Esther Sulamita was reported stolen on 26 March, 2007.

She was in the process of being adopted by an unidentified US couple when her mother, Ana Escobar, recognised her in the National Adoption Council's offices.
BBC (24 July 2008)
I wrote earlier about how certain subsets of indigenous people in Guatemala are scared to death that their children will get stolen.  Guatemala elitists will say it's because indigenous people are superstitious and ignorant.  Looks like the truth about ignorance has come out.

One of the biggest issues I have with all of this though, is that any U.S. citizen couple who adopts in Guatemala assures you that their baby is a legitimate one.  Even though they haven't set foot in the country before, they pretend to be absolutely certain.  This despite all the evidence to the contrary of a booming illegitimate baby industry.

The irony, of course, is that while nativists want to embarks on a campaign of mass terror to force migrants out of the U.S., other well-meaning U.S. citizens are illegally importing Guatemalan babies into the country. 

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