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Yesterday the questionnaire for presidential candidates regarding immigration and important related issues went out to each party. HOPEfully we'll be getting those answers. Thanks to everyone who worked diligently to make this happen. You can read each of the Sanctuary blogger's posts on this questionnaire by visiting the post titled The Sanctuary asks questions of Candidates.

It looks like Razzo over at Eristic Ragemail had enough and called Peter Brimelow of VDARE. Read his conversation in Like Marshmallow for Chocolate: My conversation with Peter Brimelow. (I failed to read the tag "satire" when I wrote this earlier.  Oops.)

Homeland Security at Smart Borders. In this post we learn that the real threat to homeland security is the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland security should mean preserving the humanitarian aspects of our society rather than building walls and weaponizing against supposed terrorists.

Also at Eristic Ragemail Criminal Proceedings in Agriprocessors Raid in Postville, Iowa.

The New York Times is reporting that a translator used during the raids has become a whistleblower in what appear to be railroading of immigrants who have been forced to plead guilty to criminal charges.

McCain on Immigration at antiBVBL.

Iowa Church Is a Beacon After Immigration Raid at Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

In A Starr for Horne at A Blog For Arizona we learn that Ken Starr will be representing a case on behalf of Arizona to limit the funds available for teaching English.

The Raids in Annapolis - Locked and Loaded at Standing FIRM.

What is wrong with this country? at Damn Mexicans. This is the story of Allie Mulvihill adopted from Guatemala at the age of 2 who the USCIS is trying to deport. Just another despicable example of our broken and heartless immigration system.

It's the Vision Thing at Dream Act Texas on the diversity of Houston and Frances attempt to ban the burqa. Spelling error by "NATIVIST" gives us a glimpse into the sad lack of attention many "English only" proponents pay to their scribing skills. If you're going to yell "English only" then at least use the proper words.

Read Who is Who in the Immigration Debate! Who has Hidden Agendas? at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Border Stories at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Number of Mexicans gaining citizenship soars in 2007 and Is Senator MCain eligible to Be President? No, says Professor Chin.

G. Gordon Liddy Speaks Illegal Alien at Latino Politico on Liddy's claim that Obama wants us to speak "illegal alien."

ICE Raids= Misconduct and Violations of Individuals Constitutional rights and Family torn apart at Pro Inmigrant.

Daily Headlines: July 11, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Ingrid Betancourt's Struggle to Resume Life at Vivir Latino.

Imagine 2050: Smell Something Burning? It’s Probably Arizona at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights.

NY state illegal worker denied work rehab benefits at Working Immigrants. Apparently it's ok for the U.S. to benefit from this worker's labor, but once hurt he's forgotten.

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