Protesting The SAVE Act: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Demonstrating that local activism does work a group of from Grassroots Leadership, Southwest Workers Union, No Wall-Big Bend, and PODER were able to convince Congressman Rodriguez, in San Antonio, to change his stance on the SAVE Act.

Advocates Protest the SAVE Act, meet with Congressman Rodriguez at T Don Hutto Blog.  Check out the post and accompanying video.

Friday, July 11, the group met with Rodriguez to express their concerns about his endorsement, calling on him to participate in a national sign-on letter against the SAVE Act. After arguing the expansion of the border wall and family detention included in the SAVE Act would be detrimental to families, citizens, and newcomers to the U.S., the group convinced Rodriguez to rethink his position.
Also read LULAC Calls for Abolition of T. Don Hutto.

At Smart Borders we have Something there is that doesn't love a Wall, Part 6. This post tells of the walls in Belfast erected to keep Irish-Catholics and British-Protestants separated.

These walls have increased to more than 40 today, covering over 13 miles and segregating much of this once-thriving city. Alternately built of steel, iron, and brick, these walls stretch up to 25-feet high and prohibit the movement of people from the Irish-Catholic parts of town to the British-Protestant sections.

WP Editorial: Prince William, a Year Later at Anti-BVBL.

ONE YEAR after Prince William County launched its drive to hound, harass and humiliate illegal immigrants, the toxic effects of the policy - on the county's reputation, social cohesion, political discourse and neighbors - are increasingly clear.

Latino Candidates at Netroots Nation at Latino Policito.

ICE ACCESS and 287(g) program at American Wetback on the tools of ICE and the recent arrest and of a mother forced to give birth in chains.

ICE Raids as Union-Busting Efforts? at Standing FIRM. Also read RAIDS in Oahu, Hawaii!.

Blog For Arizona poses a question in Dr. Word Asks: Can You Be Black and Blue Collar?

In Latino Migrant Beaten to Death in Pennsylvania yave speaks of the migrant beaten to death in Shenandoah, PA at DMI Blog.

I came across a blog attempting to justify this brutal beating while also claiming Luis Ramirez is a felon in Luis Ramirez Beaten To Death: Some Try to Justify at American Humanity.

Chaos After Rhode Island ICE Raid at Dream Act Texas. Also read Texas city wanting to get rid of immigrants, get ready to lose big bucks, Roma children's deaths: Murder?, and watch DREAMer speaks Part I.

Watch Chairman vs. Chief on PWC Immigration Policy at 9500 Liberty.

Undocumented Immigrants draining the social services. Sounds familiar to you. Then Someone Lied to you. at Pro Inmigrant. Also watch Are you Smarter than a Naturalized Citizen?.

Borderline Existence at One Step Closer.

For Heather, 29, every day is a struggle. The native of rural Kentucky didn't know how drastically her life would change after she fell in love and married Evaristo Suarez, an illegal immigrant.

Closing of Historic Arizona Radio Station Signals Larger Crisis of Latino Media at Of América.

NCLR Defends its Name, Literally at Nuestro Voice. Also read Night Before Obama Flies Abroad, Rice Bars Embassies From Aiding Candidates.

Immigration law means a borderline existence for U.S. wife of Mexican at Just News.

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