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Read The in-between Generation in a Nation of Immigrants at DMI Blog on generation 1.5 and their contributions which make the DREAM Act a necessity for the good of America.

At Just News read Advocates rally after raid, arrests.

More than 75 immigrant advocates gathered at Hopkins Plaza, in front of the Baltimore Offices of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, hoisting signs with slogans such as, "Don't divide our families," and "Painting Houses is not a Crime."

At Dream Act Texas Rabbi advocates for immigrant employees of Agriprocessors plant. The rabbi found the following when he visited the plant and has gained much support in boycotting Agriprocessors:

"We discovered things that were unbelievably painful," Rabbi Allen says. Among other allegations, he says pregnant women working on their feet all day were denied bathroom breaks; injured workers lacked proper medical care; and accounting machinations deprived workers of payment for all clocked hours.
In New Citizen Designs ICE Offices we learn of an immigrant who was an architect in his own country, but could only find work as a dishwasher here. After showing his portfolio to patrons he was brought into a firm as a partner.

Tech Sector Suffering Due to Restricted Immigration at Eristic Ragemail.

Watch Gay Marriage: Until Deportation Do Us Part? THE VIDEO at Immigration Equality Blog. Also read Persecution: Past and Present on a discussion to be held in the New York area next Wednesday July 9.

At Hatewatch we have an audio file discussion Walter Kistler in Space Pioneer Funds Racist Foundation, the last remaining donor to the Pioneer Fund. What's interesting about this discussion is the fact that this group believes that the western world will become dumber and dumber due to "a dysgenic spiral in which those people who are having the most children are less skilled and less educated." If these groups believe this to be true why do they fight against those seeking an education in this country? Aren't they just creating the environment they supposedly seek to avoid?

Alberto Gonzales and the Presidential Race at Immigration Prof Blog on an article Gonazales in the L.A. times on the importance of immigration reform to this year's election. In The Rustbelt Needs Immigrants we learn that immigrants are needed to fill job vacancies and continue building communities.

Independent analysis underscores the danger of not having a working immigration policy at Latina Lista. No matter how you feel about the current immigration issue it cannot be denied that pushing people into the shadows creates a world where terrible crimes can easily go unchallenged.

Immigration Buzzword - Reject "Assimilation" at No Borders and Binaries.

Assimilation is synonymous to losing cultural identity, which I find completely unacceptable, especially when it is touted as a prerequisite for U.S. citizenship.
I tend to think 'assimilation' in today's environment simply means "don't act or look like a foreigner." This is obviously not the voice of the true spirit of American or the world. I believe this post illustrates this quite well with this statement: "If the United States was a case of an "assimilationist society," we would all have the traditional English breakfast of bacon and eggs and scones for snacks."

Address Before Brownsville City Commission at Nonviolent Migration. Read a speech given in Brownsville on the hateful rhetoric being used to push the building of the border wall as few take into account the thoughts of those that will have to look at it every day.

Who among us will have the courage to stand up amidst the fray and fight for our land and our way of life? I will tell you who: over 98% of the residents along the border wall route, that's who. - This wall was started by those who think the United States and Mexico are enemies, and it will be stopped by the peacemakers who recognize the brotherhood of mankind.

At Smart Borders read A Last Stand on the Border which speaks on the meeting mentioned above.

The plan proposed by DHS would have the poorest city in the United States hand over 10 acres of taxpayers' land, at an estimated $95,800, for free. While the City Commissioners were seriously weighing the decision of whether or not to surrender this land, the public made its voice known for more than three hours in the public comment session.
It makes little sense that our government is ready to spend so much money to build a border wall when we have had two occurrences of terrible flooding due to levees breaking in the past few years. Where is the priority here - in filling the xenophobic desires of the anti-migrant groups or truly protecting the people of this country from harm?

Alberto Gonzales Taking Latino Pundit Route to Political Redemption at Of América.

We will not tolerate illegals in this county. Said John R, Leopold at Pro Inmigrant on the Annapolis raids. And watch the video Honoring Kendell Murphy a Green Card Soldier fallen in Iraq. Where is Justice?

As an aside here's a video from Scholars and Rogues titled Bush tours America to survey damage caused by his disastrous presidency. It's supposed to be funny, but instead it's deeply disturbing.

Reform, not Roundups on the Annapolis protests at Standing FIRM. Also check out the opinion piece Taking a bite out of Immigration Policy which illustrates the ridiculousness of today's anti-migrant arguments. The idea of a hotdog as an American food would not have been considered such 150 years ago as Germans were considered undesirable and not American. (In case you're concerned Tofu-pups are American.) Also check out Detention Watch Network Releases New Interactive Map.

Ingrid Betancourt and 14 Other FARC Hostages Free at Vivir Latino.

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The anti-immigrant fervor was stirred up about 6 years ago by a group in Herndon VA - one of those ersatz "grassroots" organizations whose name I can't recall to my chagrin - which sent out a mass mailed survey, a "push poll" on illegal immigration, that asked folks to rate how concerned they were over such topics as job loss by citizens to illegal immigrants, erosion of English as the predominant language in some areas, alteration of the "character of the nation" as regards national origin / racial and ethnic factors. It angered me, not at immigrants but at the polling group which was obviously stirring up racist xenophobia. I got mad, scribbled some nasty comment on the survey and forgot it until the immigrant lynch mob we see today, embodied in such groups as the Minutemen, reared its ugly head.

I am tired of hearing, for example, "aren't you concerned about the illegals coming into this country and using up all the health care dollars", as if the reason I can't afford health care is that immigrants are getting it free, or that our tax dollars go to support illegals and their children on welfare, our education money is schooling the children of illegals.

One fellow I know was obsessing on the growing number of Spanish speakers in California and the southwest. I said "look at the place names, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Los Alamos, Los Angeles, Colorado. Spanish speaking folks were here long before you and have an historical right to be here."

As for "The Wall" - it is only about racism since no one is advocating a wall on our northern border. And walls have TWO sides, keep others out and keep us in.

Al "Hussein" Chidester
aka Fiddlin' Big Al

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Dear Alan,

Usually the authors who write the pieces approve comments but this one is such a good one that I approved this one for symsess.

I'm glad to know that you're not falling for the politics that seeks to blame migrants for every major problem the U.S. has. It's something we try to get across often here. If you're interested in helping please us the contact form at the right. We can use everyone we an get to fight those that fan the flames of hatred.

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