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| | Comments () at Dream Act Texas on a groups whose goal is to "Gather 15 million signatures (petitions) in recognition of the number of undocumented individuals in this country requesting an immigration policy that benefits all human beings.". Also Immigrant day-laborers cleaning up fire-damaged areas for FREE.... Eristic Ragemail also pointed out the interview with You Don't Speak For Me. Read more, and complain if you wish, in Mistaken Identity: NPR and it's interview of FAIR.

For those that don't know You Don't Speak For Me here's a quote from Carmen Morales who claims to be a founder:

This debate has been going on for a very long time. Remembering back 1975 and the early eighties this country took a tremendous turn and after 1986 that did it. We have been invaded by millions of illegal aliens not 12 million, 30 million, and they’re still coming on a daily basis. Another amnesty and we will lost - we will lose everything good that America has ever had to offer. Take a good look at California, Los Angeles especially and you can see what’s coming to the state of New Jersey. People who are in this country illegally and there supporters like to throw in the race card and accuse Americans of racism as if we have no right to speak to protect our land. I have never seen such disarray, chaos, and so much worthless crime in this country before.

Movement Meta and the Overton Window at Migra Matters on where two extremes of an issue meet.

Hatewatch has an odd and scary post White Supremacist Represents School for Poor Minority Kids.

EVENT: Book Party - Underground America at Standing FIRM. Also check out the State and Local Round-UP, watch the video El Pander Migratorio and learn about Welcoming Massachusetts: “We’re created equal, no exceptions”.

In Centrist Speeches Aimed at Latinos, Obama Neglects War While McCain Fumbles on Immigration at Of América.

As if not wanting to offend some of the sponsors in the audience, Obama made no mention in his LULAC speech of what numerous polls tell us is the NUMERO UNO issue for Latinos by large margins: the Iraq war. Again, WAR, not immigration is the number 1 issue for the fastest growing group in the U.S. military.

So, let’s “hope” that the larger, better-funded NCLR event brings us fewer “Si se puede”’s and more of things like “substancia”, “realidad” and “transparencia”.

Watch Family torn apart just for wrong jugment and it will be reason for removal and Ashamed Immigration Policy at Pro Inmigrant.

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1 Issue 14: Immigration Issues Coming to A Head in the Political Debate! Sleeping Giant Awakens! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

The Human Impacts of the Immigration Laws Chapter 1001 at Immigration Prof Blog. Also check out New Immigration Articles.

At Just News read Dallas-area students cling to American dream.

With validictorians being punished for exhibiting bilingualism it's nice to see Obama Encourages Bilingualism at Nonviolent Migration. Also read 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Border Wall Arguments.

Immigration The Focus In Bids For Hispanic Vote at Nuestra Voice. Also read You Could Decide The U.S. Election, Obama Tells Latino Audience and watch the video Barack Obama at the LULAC Convention.

At Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights check out Detained Documentary in Amherst on the new documentary covering the New Bedford raids.

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