My Video on the Racism of the San Diego Minutemen

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It's a little late, but as promised, I've put together a video from the footage I caught while I was at the annual National Council of La Raza conference in San Diego.

It turns out that after I wrote my post documenting the racism of the San Diego Minutemen, an even more heinous case of racism emerged.  It was caught by Naui Huitzilopochtli (YouTube user nauiocelotl).  Naui was a little bit hostile with the Minutemen.  But coupling his footage with mine really builds a solid case for the hypocrisy of the San Diego Minutemen.  It seems the hypocrisy of them holding up signs accusing others of racism at the same time they spewed hateful terms like "wetback" and "beaner" was lost on them.

Without further ado, here's the video.  Please Digg it, give it a thumbs up on StumbleUpon, and uprate it on Reddit:

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Dee said:

Kyle, I am glad you attended. What a great idea to video the MMs vs watching the speeches everyone else was taping. You are a genius!! Great Job!! Is Schwilk really as heinous as he seems in person? I think he is scary!!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Truth is, I don't know the local players as well as others down there, but it looks like the fights have gotten really nasty, on both sides. Very nasty and very personal. It just goes to show how divided the migration debate is making the U.S.

quantumflux said:

Heh @ 2:30. Funny how the U.S. flag tries to cover up that racist's face. It is as though the flag was trying to shut him up.

VronRN said:

GREAT JOB ON THE VIDEO! It's in my favorites over on youtube. =)

These SDMM are by far the worst bunch I've seen yet.

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