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Para Justicia y Libertad brings us Netroots Nation's Dos Centavos Online Video.

In Is it ever ok to say "Stupid Mexicans?" at Dream Act Texas. In light of The New Yorker's cover and the recent beating death of a Mexican migrant in Shenandoah, PA we are beginning to see some disturbing trends. Just as many can use the "nation of laws" routine to belittle Hispanics The New Yorker can satirize Obama because they're just showing what some Americans think of him.

Read Almost half-a-million undocumented residents live in Houston! at Dream Act Texas. This article links to a study showing how undocumented workers contribute greatly to the economy.

Mexican Immigrant Beaten To Death In Pennsylvania at American Humanity.

Third World Invasion of Our Olympic Team at Damn Mexicans.

The three people representing the U.S. for the 1500 meter run all have one thing in common. As the nativists put it, they're all part of the "importation of the third world".

Border fence in Texas concerns Rio Grande defenders at Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

David at Blog For Arizona takes action against The New Yorker in Subscription Cancelled.

Many of us are aware of Juan Villegas' story. She was arrested by local law enforcement under the 287(g) program while pregnant and had to give birth while chained and being supervised by the officers. Eristic Ragemail writes on this terrible episode in Delivering Child while Shackled, Baby Removed, Father Barred.

MUST SEE: Bordertown Tells True Story of NAFTA┬┤s Maquiladores and Deaths in Juarez! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. In another post titled Associated Press Outs FAIR and Alipac as Racists? ITWAMA points out an AP article on the Olympics which says the following regarding an interview with William Gheen who has somehow become an resource for journalists.

Gheen passed along a joke circulating on the Internet that alludes to illegal Mexico-to-U.S. border-crossing - over fences, deserts and the Rio Grande. The gist of it: Mexico will do poorly in the Olympics "because all their best runners, jumpers and swimmers are in the United States."
Also get a more detailed report on the sick beating death of a Mexican immigrant in Shenandoah, PA in Race Crime in the Heartland! Murdered Due to WWB! (Walking While Brown).

The Problems of Local Enforcement of the Immigration Laws: Chapter 1001 at Immigration Prof Blog. The Postville raids had migrants pleading guilty to a crime they could not have been convicted of knowingly committing - taking the identity of another person. Circuit split widens: Ninth Circuit on "aggravated identity theft" deals with the necessity to 'know' you taken an actual person's identity rather than just having false documents.

Ed Kennedy Snags Aztec Eagle at The Unapologetic Mexican. Also read Francis D. Siciliano, Anti-American and DHS Stooge on voter registration during the naturalization process. What was a successful test to get more people registered seems to upset the power that be who, as Nezua so brilliantly states, "They want us to die in their wars first. And vote last, if ever."

Breaks in border fence have residents suspicious of DHS's plans at Just News. While many are suspicious DHS says they're going to 'funnel' illegal activity through these gaps allowing them to concentrate on smaller areas. The problem is they're funneling illegal activity into populated areas.

The Border: A wall or a Barrier? at Pro Inmigrant. Also read Enforce the Rule of Law.....It's getting ugly out there on the rise of hate crimes against Hispanics.

Smart Borders gives us a wonderful post titled From Postville to Hidalgo to Beijing- The Olympian Effects of Immigrants and Walls on the value of immigrants and immigration.

Daily Headlines: July 21, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Read Hispanic employment figures worsen at Working Immigrants.

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