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Congratulations to Man Eegee and Latino Politico! Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Latino Político at Latino Politico. This is a great post which speaks of the energy in yesterday's SanctuarySphere. Man Eegee notes that we must strengthen one another and remember that we share a responsibility to all of our brothers and sisters of this world. This is why we're here in this realm of thought, because we believe in the good of each other. Thanks to Man Eegee for 3 years of dedication and thanks to everyone else for their dedication as well.

Immigrant Ballot Power at Standing FIRM on our newest voters. Also check out the great series of articles at The New Bedford Times in Series Spotlight: The New Immigrants. In Op-Ed: Real Change Happens Off-Line we learn one person's belief that while the internet brings us together it is not in a "real" way. I do believe we have to be active in person as well as on-line, but they can certainly work well together. What do you think?

Supreme Court Won't Hear Kansas In-State Tuition Case at A Dream Deferred. While Kris Kobach tried to take his case to the Supreme Court that undocumented students should not receive in-state tuition they refused to listen. And Leaving the United States for Higher Education tells of one undocumented student who sought an education elsewhere because it was denied here.

Here's an article in the New York Post Kobach wrote as an adverstisement for E-Verify. It's quite disturbing.

Also at Standing FIRM read Desire For Change - Not Anti-Immigrant Sentiment - Does In Congressman Cannon on the anti-immigrant view on Cannon's loss. I took advantage of a Strand bookstore sale and grabbed "Taking Back America" from 2004 which states "Who controls state politics controls American politics." This is something that the major anti-migrant groups have begun focusing on more than ever as they haven't found a champion in the presidency.

Profile of a pro-immigrant advocacy coalition at Working Immigrants on The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA). Also on the New Bedford Series read High quality profile of immigrant labor in one city. Also in A great pro-immigrant blog Working Immigrants gives love to Citizen Orange. If you have time go through the links at Citizen Orange and check out the host of pro-migrant blogs out there. If you have any to add just leave a comment.

Immigration Raids Tend to Spare Employers at DMI Blog where we learn that only 2% of employers have been penalized since last October.

Hugo Chavez criticizes new EU immigration rules at Dream Act Texas.

"We need a strong stance ... in defense of the dignity of our people," Chavez said at a summit of the Mercosur trade bloc, which passed a resolution condemning the EU measure. "'Civilized' Europe has legalized barbarism..."
In Americans are the customers of the Drug Cartels we learn that the U.S. takes in the most drugs of all nations which means we support drug cartels. The enforcement only approach to drug has done nothing to reduce the desire to use. In U.S. Borderwatch in Houston we learn of a Shell gas station whose owner asked U.S. Borderwatch to sit on their premisis to scare away day laborers with threats of arrest.

Generation 1.5 references an article from Dream Act Texas titled Waiting for 2009...

Notorious Alabama Politician Keynotes White Supremacist Conference at SPLC's Hatewatch Blog.

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Rendition Case of Maher Arar at Immigration Prof Blog. Also McCain and Obama Similar Agendas on Immigration Reform and Immigration Raid at Painting Company. Some stories just expose the zealotry of the anti-migrant mindset. This one is about two co-valedictorians who gave part of their speech in Vietnamese as a homage to their parent's sacrifice only to have the school board yell "English only!" in Valedictorians Targeted for Speaking Vietnamese.

Also at Immigration Prof Blog Judge orders Texas University and Federal Agency to Mend Fence Dispute on the college's fight to keep the border fence from separating their campus. Also read A Cautionary Tale: Of how a USC became undocumented which is so telling of the nature of identity. Do documents and numbers make you real? While this immigrant searches to regain their identity people like Samuel Israel try to lose it.

Just News reports on the raid at a painting services company in Annapolis in Feds Bust Down Doors Looking For...Painters.

Presidential campaign stops in Latin America and Europe mean little for US voters at Latina Lista.

The Battle For Colorado: Activists Recruit The Newly Naturalized at Nuestra Voice. Also read US Politicians Find Ways To Play On Racial Fears where we learn of some disturbing tactics by both Democrats and Republicans to inject racial fear into elections.

Obama, Uribe and the School of the Americas at Of América.

Not sure how long the "hope" machine will hold if Obama continues to be either tepid or Bush-like in his policies towards America Latina. Last night, I interviewed a woman who was crying as she described the torture, violence she her family and colleagues experienced at the hands Colombia's Alvaro Uribe, who Obama failed to condemn after the Colombian military violated the sovereignty of Ecuador.

What part of Law they do not Understand? at Pro Inmigrant. Read this article on how people are labeled in the media that commit crimes. I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but I believe the use of "illegal" to highlight the fact that a person who commits a crime happens to be undocumented is a recent custom in the media. Also read Canada Open Border: It's a unique situation and it requires a unique solution. The wide open Canada border gets no attention while I believe that's the only place a terrorist actually has tried to enter the country.

Making Babies is The Cause of Latino Population Growth, Not Immigration (and no one else is concerned with this framing?) at The Latin Americanist. Also read What the Caribbean basin can teach us on Iraq. (The first article is from Vivir Latino and can be found here.)

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Man Eegee said:

gracias! thanks for the daily roundups, they help keep me informed on the comings-and-goings of the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere when I don't have the time to go to each site.

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