Jon Justice Stars in 'Piñata Porn'

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Thank goodness for Man Eegee.  I received an email from the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos a few days ago, issuing a call to action in defense of Isabel Garcia, a staunch defender of migrant rights, but as I tried to write something I realized I didn't know where to begin.  Fortunately, Manny knows the area and the players well, and his latest post, "Piñata Porn Extraordinaire Jon Justice", really put everything into perspective for me.  
A firestorm of controversy erupted around Isabel Garcia during a protest of Sheriff Joe "Bull Connor" Arpaio.  The protestors beat up a piñata made to look like Arpiao, and a YouTube video depicted Garcia limply lifting up the piñata severed head. 

Reading about just this incident is bound to polarize anyone, and that's just what the right-wing, nativist media has done with it.  Manny, however, gives us a better description of Isabel Garcia:

There is no greater promoter of human rights and advocate for migrant families in Baja Arizona than Isabel Garcia. She was a recipient of the 2006 Premio Naciónal de Derechos Humanos, presented by the Mexican government for the first time to someone who wasn't born there, in order to get an idea of the scope of work she's done. Rather than accept the award, however, she took the opportunity to call a press conference and demand that the affluent and elite south of border do more to promote economic justice among the working classes. It was a perfect example of Isabel's work to keep the focus on the underlying roots of human migration and exploitation, rather than on herself.

Isabel is one of the major driving forces behind the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, headquartered in Tucson, and that's just when she's wearing her organizer hat. She also serves as one of Pima County's leading Legal Defenders, which has Sheriff Joe Arpaio's pink underwear in a snit since apparently the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America does not apply to those who serve in government.
Man Eegee - Latino Politico (22 July 2008)
Garcia's whole piñata incident probably would have gone down in history as just another case of nativists blaming the universes problems on unauthorized migrants, if it weren't for the antics of right-wing radio host, Jon Justice.  Justice joined the group of nativists defending Arpaio and calling for Garcia's job as the Pima County Legal Defender, but in doing so he took it a little too far. 

Justice used his own piñata effigy of Garcia in "webisode" he produced (which has now been taken down) and begins almost right away by sarcastically harassing the piñata in a suggestive manner.  "Isn't she cute?" Justice says.  "Do we have to keep her in the studio? I want to take her home.  Can we take her home?  I want to take her home."  Justice then cuddles up against the piñata and says, "Oh! Viva la raza. Oh. feels sooo good."  And thus, by Manny's ingenious phrasing, piñata porn is born.

Jon Justice is already whining about Manny's blog post:

Piñata Pr0n Extraordinaire Jon Justice
In the meantime I also get to deal with blogs like this one that do nothing but make up their own pathetic versions of the story to make me look like I am some horrible monster.  This is why it is so hard to wage this battle when people have no morals or ethics by which call standard too.
Jon Justice - Show Blog (24 July 2008)
Is it anyone surprised that Justice can dish it but he can't take it? 

In the meantime, the Coalición de Derechos Humanos is mounting an impressive campaign against the advertisers of 104.1 Truth, forcing many to pull out.  Please assist them.

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Man Eegee said:

hi kyle, thanks for joining the defense of Isabel.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

No problem, Manuel, my pleasure.

mimi said:

I've just now been reading here and at UM about Isabel Garcia and her human rights group, and Man Eegee, and all about this misguided radio man -- Jon Just-to-Get-a-Laugh.

Have to say, Jon's desire to make a joke regardless of any responsibility associated with his mass communication role in society has backfired.

Living far, far away from Arizona, I'd heard of teh scary sheriff, but I'd never educated myself to come across this brave woman Isabel, or her group. Now, I'm going to learn all I can about Derechos, and see what I can do to help.

Thanks for spreading the word Jon. Viva la Raza.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

It was the same with me, Mimi. I knew about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but hadn't heard about Isabel Garcia. Fortunately, Manny from Latino Politico was there to shine the light of truth on this situation and now I too want to learn more about Isabel Garcia and the amazing work she's doing. I'm glad you picked that positive out of this very negative situation.

Jesus Aguirre said:

I agree with this post from One Old Vet.

We Find Calls for Isabel Garcia’s Firing and Disbarment JUSTIFIED!

It was no “accident” that Ms. Gracia paraded around with the severed head of an effigy of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Beheading has been an integral part of ancient Mexican indigenous culture, and used more recently as a terror-tool of the narco-terrorists who are engaged with the Mexican government in a civil war for control of Mexico.

Garcia knew exactly what allegorical message, if not an outright threat, she was sending to Sheriff Arpaio by walking around with the severed head of his effigy.

Her behavior escapes the normal protections of “free speech” and in our opinion, is criminally prosecutable.

How is what she did any different than someone burning a cross in a yard or putting a noose in someone’s office cube?

— One Old Veteran

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Are you kidding me? You're comparing Isabel Garcia to a narco-terrorist? If you watch the video there's nothing like the intent your implying here, and saying so is just plain dishonest.

Now watch the Jon Justice video, and you'll see some real disturbing things. I jokingly call it pinata porn here, but in reality he's engaging in some very disturbing sexist behavior.

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