Giving Birth While Chained: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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I am reading through the American Legion's report on "illegal" immigration and one thing struck me as particularly disturbing. It was their use of the acronym OTM. Though you may have seen it before you may not realize to the American Legion it means Other Than Mexican. Doing a little research I cannot find a similar acronym used for any other nationality. There's no Other Than Canadian, Other Than Russian and no Other Than American. What's more somebody took the time to add the new meaning of this acronym to the free online dictionary.

Where is the humanity in chaining a woman, by both wrists, while she labored in agony? at Anti-BVBL. Also read The Flip Side of the Sign: Thumbs Up, Down or the Finger? about a man who drives around day labor sites toting a sign stating "deport them all." Nice.

Obama's Listening to America Program at a Blog For Arizona. Hopefully this won't get in the way of Obama's Answering The Sanctuary's Questions Initiative.

Satire of the Stupid at Zuky. Check out the hilarious cartoon in response to the New Yorker's recent cover.

Most of the criticism I've seen directed at the image has construed the problem as being that only urbane cosmopolitan sophisticates will get it, with commenters hastening to add, "Oh of course I get it, but what about the ignorant yokels? Remember the philistines!" But that's really not how I see it. Because to me, those who claim to get this image are the unsophisticates who lack the cultural and artistic literacy to understand the proper meaning of the word "satire". It's not the same as "sarcasm". That's why we have two different words.

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