Don't Ask Us To Believe, Bring Us Hope: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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.....fill out the questionnaire.

Two of the members from the SanctuarySphere, Kety and Liza, spoke last night at Obama's Platform For Change in New York.  Liza reminded us that health care, food, education, housing, safety and work are all human rights.  She also asked that the term "illegal immigrant" and "illegal alien" be dropped from the discussion on immigration as it has become a tool of extremists in this country.  She asked instead that everyone use the term "undocumented worker."  Hearing the audience clap after this statement was quite promising.  Kety brought up The Sanctuary and the questionnaire asking that we take a holistic approach immigration problem.  To finish she stated quite eloquently:

I'm here because that our nation can be something amazing, something beautiful and great, but I think that we the people here - and I think the Democratic Party has a long way to go to actualize it.  I think you have the chance now with Obama - so, let's make it happen.

Sadly there were more ICE raids this week.  This time it was Ohio - Immigration raids Ohio restaurants, arrests 58.

State and Local Round-up at Standing FIRM. Tears of Rage, Tears of Hope on the woman chained while giving birth. Also Hartford Considers Restriction to Make Community Safer by prohibiting police officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status. Update: Providence, Rhode Island Raids - How to Help!

Dolly Comes to Town at The Unapologetic Mexican.

South Texas: It's like a war zone at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Piñata Pr0n Extraordinaire Jon Justice at Latino Politico. Isabel Garcia, of Coalición de Derechos Humanos, created a piñata effigy of Sheriff Arpaio allowing people to take out their rage and frustration against his terrible gestapo tactics. In turn radio host Jon Justice made a piñata effigy of Isabel and began his imitation of Julian Sands in Boxing Helena as retaliation.

Beating of Luis Ramirez ruled a homicide - Could this be the rallying cry for Latino politicians? at Latino Politics Blog.

Transgender Latina teen murdered in Colorado at Blabbeando.

Living in the shadows means Saying no to great opportunities at American Wetback.

Turn PW Blue suggests a clear, concise, reasonable, and humane solution to immigration! at Anti-BVBL. Also watch 9500Liberty: Chairman vs. Chief on PWC Immigration Policy.

Civil Rights Victory in New York at DMI Blog.

Yesterday, more than a decade of work by Make the Road New York, the New York Immigration Coalition and other community organizations culminated in a major civil rights victory for millions of New Yorkers.

Mayor Bloomberg signed an Executive Order that requires all New York City government agencies to ensure access to all of their programmatic services through the provision of interpretation and translation services.

Gypsy camp near Rome is firebombed at Dream Act Texas. Also read South Carolina must want a less educated population and DREAMer conversations Part II.

At Greg Siskind's Blog we have NY TIMES PRAISES EMPLOYERS' INCREASING ASSERTIVENESS ON IMMIGRATION on employers pushing back on the current aggressiveness of Homeland Security. Also read FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN BILLIONAIRE PRAISES IMMIGRANTS and MAYORS TO BUSH: STOP THE RAIDS AND PUSH THROUGH IMMIGRATION REFORM a resolution from the U.S. conference of mayors.

Agriprocessors' worker safety record and Employers pushing back against anti-immigration crowd at Working Immigrants.

Daily Headlines: July 24, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

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