Death While Waiting For Care: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Another amazing post at Eristic Ragemail exposing nativism and even throwing in a little Deutsch in Nativism as a Gateway Drug to the Verboten. When all the pieces for vilification are there you don't have to be explicit in your claims. The shadows dancing behind the curtain become full blown and vibrant images to the mind seeing what it wants to see. Nativists know they only need fuel that fear to get it to come alive just as Hitler did not so long ago.

Encouragement to all those on the Border at Smart Borders.

Illegal immigration is still a problem, because the push and pull factors of immigration were not addressed through legislative reform. An eighteen-foot wall did nothing to alleviate the more than seven-to-one pay differential between Americans and their neighbors to the South. With the increased militarization of the border and the addition of 700 miles of barriers, the flow of migration has only been redirected to more dangerous routes and means, killing more and more Americalmosts and freezing hundreds of thousands of extralegal residents here who are too afraid to cross back into Mexico.

Death on a Hospital Waiting Room Floor at DMI Blog. Seeing the way people treat migrants I have begun to see the calousness in many, but this is beyond calous - it's insane.

LULAC appearances by McCain and Obama underscore sensitivity of immigration issue at Latina Lista.

Traffic Jam? Blame Immigrants! at Standing FIRM on recent ads trying to show that immigration will cause traffic jams. Doesn't FAIR know that we'll be in flying cars soon? Also read about a new art exhbit on immigrants in Immigration Exhibition Opens in Chicago Museum.

Watch Inspirational Quotes at Pro Inmigrant.

At Immigration Prof Blog read Undocumented Students at UC, Critical Immigration Articles, Open Letter to Ruben Navarrette Jr. and Barack Obama Addresses LULAC.

False Victory at the Border at Immigrant's List.

English Only Please at Graduations at Vivir Latino.

Imagine your parents are immigrants to the United States (not a stretch for many of us). Through their sacrifices (and some of your own, no doubt), you graduate high school at the top of your class. At graduation during your valedictorian speech, you give a shout out, in your family's native language. Now the school district wants to make a policy so that all future speeches are English-only. This is what happened to two students in Louisiana.

Also read about the latest Vivir Latino blogger in The VivirLatino Familia Welcomes La Macha and not so exciting FBI Considering Rules That Would Open the Door to Ethnic and Racial Profiling.

Daily Headlines: July 8, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Lessons from History: Not the first time US has targeted families at T Don Hutto.

Recreate 68, the DNC and the Urgent Need to Reinvent Our Political Language at Of América.

Latino Voter Registration Drive Goes On-Air at Nuestro Voice.

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