Couple Seperated for Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

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In yet another case highlighting the fact that the U.S.'s broken immigration system is affecting everyone, NECN did a report on a local New England couple where a Canadian wife was an unauthorized migrant to the U.S. without even knowing it.  As a result, the usual stories repeat themselves:  families have been separated and needless suffering endures. 

Mark and Barbara Myers will not be together for their 25th wedding anniversary. Barbara may, in fact, be barred from the United States for five years, and the resulting economic hardship might result in the loss of their home. Watch the video, if you get the chance.

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michael said:

Hi Kyleded,

Nice job and I am hoping that CNN and Lou reflects the dysfunctional and broken Immigration system were kids, parents suffering the consequences of the Immigration system.
As I always said that's ashamed and plain wrong. That their punishment fit their crime?
This must be stop rather to invest Millions of dollars building a wall we should be using to make sure the Immigration system is not dysfunctional and obsolete.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for commenting Michael,

I just hope here in New England that people don't seperate the white faces shown here from the millions of brown faces that are suffering from similar circumstances like this.

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