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Detention Watch Network Releases NEW Map at T Don Hutto Blog.

The Detention Watch Network has released a new and improved interactive map of immigration detention. The map includes detention centers, community organizations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Offices, and Immigration Courts. A fantastic resource for public education!
Also read American Immigration Lawyers Association on Alternatives to Detention.

Daily Headlines: July 4, 2008 at The Latin Americanist. Also watch the muppets perform "Stars and Stripes Forever" in Today's Video: Happy Fourth of July, "wierdos".

Detainee Deaths lead IG to conclude that ICE needs to account for its treatment of immigrants and On the use of the term “illegal alien” at Eristic Ragemail.

Ever since George Orwell pointed out the pernicious nature of words being used as code, we have recognized that in political debate words are often freighted with much that is concealed. In the current climate, nativists insist, actually demand, that undocumented immigrants be referred to as “illegal aliens.” If you can classify a whole group of people with a pejorative –alien --and then group them as “illegal,” you have carried out a neat trick: you have stripped a whole group of people of their humanity.

As hot dogs were shoved through jaws in contest and small explosives were lit by those that have never witnessed the explosion of a real bomb we have a letter to Iraq in The Bombs Bursting in Air at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Border Patrol: ICE targeting Amtrak, Greyhound at Dream Deferred. If you've ever traveled on Greyhound it's bad enough, but to make it even better they're apparently making you prove you're a legal resident now. If we're trying to fix "illegal" immigration then why is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Tijuana being closed? Read Step backwards: USCIS closes offices in Tijuana.

Also read A Hypothetical 'Undocumented' Situation - What would You Do? on various situations outlining the 'no acceptions' rules on immigration enforcement and read USCIS Promises Modernization of Immigration Process (I guess on of the ways is to close offices?)

New ICE Report Sees the Trees But Misses the Forest at DMI Blog.

But whether or not ICE admits it out there, there is a forest out there. Immigrant deaths and lack of medical treatment are systemic problems for immigrants in ICE customs facilities.

At Dream Act Texas readProud to be here, Legal or Not.

Happy 4th! Let Freedom Ring!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Read some quotes on the foundation of this country which sadly we don't always see exhibited in reality today.

Read HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Who is Watching Your International Travels (and Blog Posts?)? The State Department!. I actually attended a NYCLU meeting recently on FISA and essentially the government can 'snoop' on anyone communicating abroad without identifying the person or the reason. In Postville Redux it looks like we might finally see some employers prosecuted.

McCain's visit to Mexico's Basilica de Guadalupe is misguided campaign move at Latina Lista.

Assimilation makes you fat and other facts - Reject “Assimilation” Part 2 at No Borders and Binaries.

McCain and Obama Ignore Abuses in Colombia and Mexico at Of América.

Watch Inspiring story of an Immigrant Honor Student at Pro Inmigrant. Also check out the videos The Border. The Environmental Nightmare and U.S. Detention Centers a Nightmare.

State and Local Round-up at Standing FIRM. Also read Brownsville, TX takes on the Department of Homeland Security and The in-Between Generation in a Nation of Immigrants.

At Vivir Latino read Since When is Disgraced Attorney General Gonzales the Spokeperson for Latinos?

Read "Bare Life" at Wild Chihuahuas on people who die searching for a better life.

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