8 Out of 10 Central American Women Migrants Raped

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If people do not believe in my constant call for a more global approach to the issue of migration, read this latest shocking article from Guatemala's main newspaper, Prensa Libre
In the United States, migrant advocates frequently speak of the deaths at the border and in detention centers.  These stories are horrific, but they are the stories of the few migrants that make it into the U.S.  Most migrants do not make it into the U.S., and the scale of the horrors that they suffer are much worse, in my opinion, than the scale of the horrors migrants suffer after they've gotten to the U.S. 

Now we find out that according to the "Foro de Migraciones" eight out of ten Central American women that enter through Mexico's border are raped, regardless of age.  I hope I can do something about this horrific information.

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