VIDEO: Same-Sex Partners Forced Out of the United States

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Yave wrote about why you should support the Uniting American Families Act the other day.  Coming from the Immigration Equality blog, yet again, is this Current video that personalizes the discrimination against same-sex binational couples. 

This just goes to show that discrimination against migrants, or anyone for that matter, isn't to far removed from discrimination against everyone else.  Just the other day, another U.S. citizen was deported from her own country.  When is the federal government going to come for you?

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Crissy said:

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for posting. We (Breakthrough) did an interview with Sebastian Cordoba, that we met through Immigration Equality. He did a film "Through Thick and Thin" on binational couples. Click for link with his trailer HERE.


kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thank for the heads up Crissy. Breakthrough continues to do great work, keep it up!

PL said:

=( It's THE reason I don't do relationships.

America is quite backward when it comes to Immigration Equality (and universal health care and ...). Most post-industrial societies recognize same-sex binational couples.

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