Victory for Pedro Zapeta!

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For 11 years, Pedro Zapeta, an unauthorized migrant, slaved away as a dishwasher.  Making $5.50 an hour ($5.75 when he earned an extremely generous 25-cent raise), Zapeta was able to save up almost $60,000 for his dream of returning to Guatemala and building a home for his family.  Then Zapeta made one simple mistake.  On his way out of the country he forgot to fill out a form declaring he was carrying more than $10,000 dollars with him, and as a result he had almost all of his money siezed.  I first covered this story in this post

Now, thanks to the blogging of Tony Herrera, I just heard that Zapeta was able to get all but $5,000 of his money back.  It is rare when we get a victory like this.  Read Tony's post and savor it

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