Tim Wise Speaks the Truth on White Privilege

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(Sombrero tip to Kai at Zuky)

Watching this speech by Tim Wise cleansed my soul.  People that can articulate oppression like Time Wise are a treasure.  You have to watch the whole thing, but I especially liked his articulation of how white people, or those that buy into whiteness, are tricked into blaming migrants.  I'll quote it below.
At some level, again, working class white people being harmed by white privilege.  Relatively, being advantaged, right?  Being given a leg up, being given a membership to the club, but in absolute terms, being kept economically subordinated by the very thing that gave them a sense of superiority.  How's that for irony?

Then, in the present era, this hasn't stopped, this is not ancient history.  Now, we have people running around insisting that we should close the border with Mexico because if we don't the wages of working class people will continue to fall.  The implication being that the only reason workers are paid like crap in this country, is because the border is open. 

But if you believe that, you would actually have to believe, that if that border were closed, that all these owners of capital and industry would just say, "Oh well you figured us out.  Here it's a raise."

Do we really believe that the only thing keeping bosses from paying people more is the presence of low-wage medium semi-skilled labor from South of this artificial border?  Is that really what we believe?  We know that if that border is closed, it isn't going to be closed to capital.  It isn't going to closed to goods.  If you have a border that can be crossed by capital looking for the highest return on investment, or goods looking for the highest price, but labor is chained to it's country of origin, how is that going to work to the benefit of working people?  By definition it doesn't.  By definition it immiserates the working class.  Divide and conquer.
Tim Wise - Youtube (emphasis mine)

Notice any similarity between this speech and our Citizen Orange mission statement?

In order to be successful the pro-migrant movement has to move the debate from questions of nationality to questions of global inequity. It has to move the debate from questions of legality to questions of justice. Migrants are first shackled to the arbitrary piece of land that they are born onto and then chained to the forces that compel them to leave. We need to remove those shackles and chains. Citizen Orange works for migrant emancipation.

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john henderson said:

As a educated blk. man it's a pleasure to hear the raw truth about the syndrome white people are caught in unknowingly.We have known far a long time that there are 13 families that are the shot callers and the rest of us are just pawns used to perpetuate the bigger scheam. The new world ORDER is becoming a reality as we live and no one wakeing up the sleeping one's .there are some truths out there i know that even u can't touch because it rattles the threads that hold the 13 stars and stripes of our flag and cast a dark cloud over our future as a nation.We are afraid of the truth ,not to mention the backlash from exposing it.It's deeper then race.it's all about power now and the more u get the more addictive u become to opium powers.You have my blessings and my prayers.It.s a CHESS GAME ! WITH ONLY A FREW PROMOTIONS.

john henderson said:


kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Sorry John,

It just takes us a while to approve comments. Welcome to Citizen Orange and I hope I see more of you here.

Ben Richards said:

This article seems quite one sided. For instance, why has he not mentioned that Obama, by his own admission, has previously benefited from affirmative action?

Also, in relation to college scores, Bush, Gore, Kerry & McCain have had their records scrutinised. Why doesn't the press demand to see Obama's college scores? I suspect it is because they do not want to appear racist.

Also, would Obama have received the support he did from African American voters and white liberals if he was just another white candidate?

In terms of white privilege generally, how does Wise explain the fact that Asian students outperform whites & have higher graduation rates (same in NZ & Australia). How can this happen if the system is so racist?

monica said:

the border is a benefit to whites. plain and simple. it gives whites an unfair advantage. the legal system purports to be fair and it gives people an opportunity to eventually be a US citizen, but it might take 20 years. in the meantime, whitey has the advantage. it's not true competition and no white person should think it is.

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