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Undocumented Students - Struggle Continues in Canada at A Dream Deferred.

While the United States is busy deporting undocumented immigrant students and the states in the deep South are retreating back into time by closing doors on students, our neighbors up North are also struggling with the issue.

At Smart Borders United States and Spain Square off on Amnesty.

Spanish legislation has taken this one step further by providing basic human rights and opportunities to all immigrants, whatever their legal status. Deportation doesn’t exist in Spain; instead, the emphasis is on integration.

ACTION: Historic Event in Maryland’s International Corridor at Standing FIRM. Watch the video Crimes Against Immigrants Go Unreported. Check out the great pro-migrant art in Art is Action - Pro-Migrant Poster Power!. And read Happy Loving Day!

A three part post at Dream Act Texas - 2008: Sen. Menendez Speaks the Truth About ICE Part I / Part II / Part III.

In a riveting speech on the senate floor on Wednesday, June 11, 2008, Senator Robert Menendez openly discussed the multiple abuses perpetrated by the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is the first time that any senator or representative has made such detailed and public condemnation of how ICE has been continually defying the U.S. Constitution in its frantic effort to deport all the undocumented immigrants it can find.

AILA Reporting That All H-1B Receipts Now Issued at Greg Siskind's Blog. In Math we learn that today "the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in a case challenging the new Arizona immigration law, one of the nation's toughest and one credited with a rapid outflow of immigrants from the state."

Obama-Son of an Immigrant? at Immigrants and Politics Blog.

I'm sad to read Lou Dobbs for Governor of NJ?, at Immigration Prof Blog, given that I'll soon be a resident of that state. I can only imagine the hate he'd grow in the garden state. Also read Border Wall Not Effective Dissuasion Tool, BREAKING NEWS: Gitmo Detainees Win in Supremes!, and The Futility of a Border Fence.

Humanitarian legislation to keep federally detained undocumented immigrants safe before Senate at Latina Lista.

This revelation brings to light how in the coming months when ICE gets even more aggressive in its tactics to root out the undocumented, women and children will also be increasingly caught up in the net of apprehensions. - That's why a bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate yesterday, titled The Secure and Safe Detention and Asylum Act (S. 3114) is so imperative that it be passed.

Websites Fighting Obama Smears at Latino Politico.

Lou Dobbs for New Jersey Governor? at Of América.

CNN host Lou Dobbs is considering a bid for New Jersey Governor, according to this story in the Star Ledger. “Several well-connected Republicans say they’ve heard the buzz that Dobbs, famous for his sharp commentary about Washington policies and politics, may be turning his sights on Trenton and has inquired about the steps necessary to start a campaign” says the Ledger’s Josh Margolin.

Indian workers sue US oil firm over abuse - 14 Mar 08 at Pro Inmigrant. Also watch U.S. KIDS CITIZENS TEAR APART FROM PARENTS FROM ICE and Just listen the racist suggestion from Neil Boortz solving two problems of America at the same time.

Survey reveals global perspectives at The Latin Americanist.

You Can't Kill An Idea at The Unapologetic Mexican. Listen to Bob Dylan's Song "Only A Pawn In Their Game" on the assination of Medgar Evers on this day in 1963.

Two cases of immigrant labor abuses at Working Immigrants.

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Edgar González said:

Hi, mi name is Edgar and I lived in California for almost 12 years, as an illegal immigrant, but paid taxes all those years, behaived very well, did not commit any crimes and helped my neighbors on what they asked me. I am not an exceptional citizen, but pretty close.
One day ICE knocked on my dorm, where I rented for the last 2 years, screaming they were the Police, so I opened the door and they pushed me to get in, after I identified myself with mi CADL; said they were looking for somebody else but were going to take me as well. I told them they coul not get in but did not care and knocked me down, using abusive and excessive force. Took my freedom away for 5 weeks that I spent in several prisons the 1st week and then 4 weeks in confinement at Lancaster CA.
I had never lost my freedom before, it is the most horrible experience I could ever have, for 5 weeks I felt like diyng slowly inside, and until today I wake up breathing hard because I have nightmares about it. After 5 weeks, $5,000 dollar bail... the next hearing I got Voluntary Leave, because I was so dissapointed at the System. I left the US and live in México since one year ago... and still have not recuperate my bail money. After ICE takes your freedom away, humilliates you in the most horrible ways... they ripp you off if you Bailed with money. If you attend all your hearings until the case is closed, they should give it back immediately, like it is stated in the papers you are given.
I don´t know if one day my traumas desappear, but I am trying to get on with my life... since ICE ended my life as I knew it.

Tina Shull said:

I am so sorry for the trauma you have been through, Edgar. Thank you for sharing your story - the American public needs to know the truth about what happens to innocent people such as yourself and it is important that people speak out.
I am a U.S. citizen but my husband is not - he was detained for 3 months last year in New Jersey and deported to Albania last summer. People don't realize that the U.S. deports people who are married to U.S. citizens. We are still apart but fighting hard for him to return. I know first hand how traumatic the whole experience is and how inhumane ICE is. We need to keep fighting!

Thanks to Citizen Orange for this safe and positive space for pro-migrant support!
Tina Shull
UC Irvine

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:


Thanks for sharing this with us. There is so much that is wrong about your story. ICE was looking for somebody else, they misidentified themselves, you told them not to come in, they used excessive force. Some might read this and think that this is just one side of the story, but when account after account documents treatment like this, it's gotta get people questioning.

Worst of all, like you said, Edgar, ICE took your freedom and ended your life as you knew it. Like so many others that take voluntary departure over deportation, I can only imagine what you've been through. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help. I hope all is well.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:


Two horrific stories in one post. Thank you for reading Citizen Orange, and our allegiance is always to people like yourself. I'm glad you feel that we provide one of the few safe spaces online to get away from all the nativism. That's what we try to do. Don't be afraid to contact us if you think we can help in any way.

Colleen Shanahan said:

I grew up in princeton NJ most of my life. Im a USA citzen. Both my parrents and grand parrents were born here in NJ. I now live in naples florida. mY husband is from hunduras. He is now on an imigration hold in Miami due to an old deporation order from 2005 in Abcentia. Im am fighting to help him everyday. All it costs me is over 10,000. Im getting no where. I also lost my job due to the bad economy and have no health care. My husband made more then me in my own country. Tell me what help do I have. My mother also died in a car crash in 2005 in NJ. Now the person I love is being ripped from me. There are children involved also.

Please help.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I'll try and get in touch with you.

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