The Great Immigration Panic: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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At DMI Blog - Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly: Fueling America with Lies.

While talking to some high school ESL teachers about immigration issues in Ulster County, New York, one of them said to me “If I was to believe what the media says about immigration and undocumented immigrants, I would believe that the majority are criminals and would be afraid of having immigrants in my neighborhood.

The New York Times: “The Great Panic,” Excellent Editorial on the Current State of the Immigration Debate at Eristic Ragemail.

NYT on The Great Immigration Panic at Migra Matters and ICE: Keeping America safe from High School valedictorians.

Online Immigration Debate in the Spotlight at Standing FIRM.

The Great Immigration Panic at Immigrant's List.

Unjust and Unethical Treatment: The Great Immigration Panic at People Migrate.

Embrace Pride and Fight Prejudice at Immigration Equality.

The history of our movement is one of oppression, but in the middle of oppression we have always had a persistent and powerful voice of hope. In the face of persecution, our community has stepped forward to claim this as a month of pride.

Read the poem Two Faced at A Dream Deferred.

Watch California Valedictorian Facing Deportation at A Dream Deferred and read Another Student to be Deported also on Arthur Mkoyan's story.

Hutto Residential Center Rally: An Introspection at The Sanctuary.

Truths and (then some more truths) - Immigration and Neo-Liberalism at No Borders and Binaries. This posts debunks some "truths" used to substantiate the anti-migrant debate.

Bataan, Guantanamo, & the Geneva Convention at Dream Act Texas.

While Clinton Almost Concedes, Obama Leads the Planet in a Collective Sigh of History at Of América.

Exactly 200 years after the United States Congress banned traffic in chattel slaves from Africa, Barack Obama became the country’s first African American chosen as Presidential candidate by electors of any of the major parties.

Christian leaders appeal for end to xenophobic attacks to Immigrants in South Africa and Latino Activists Face Death Threats in Georgia at Pro Inmigrant.

No, I Wanna Be Anderson Cooper's Boo! at Vivir Latino.

At American Humanity two anti-migrant Senate hopefuls fail to get the nod in Gonyo’s Anti-Migrant Platform Defeated and Donald Cresitello Defeated in NJ Primary.

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