The Business of Creating Lawbreakers: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

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Republican Senator Orrin Hatch Speaks in Support of DREAM at a Dream Deferred. Also watch Video: Undocumented Students at UC Davis.

Dream Act Texas: In Confused ...? we learn of another candidate whose focus is on immigration - not in a good way. In Panicking for what? Dream Act Texas takes a look at the Republican tactic of stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment to keep Republicans in office. We all know it hasn't been working, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Also Creating lawbreakers so ICE can arrest them addresses the increased arrests and detention of undocumented migrants. Given the fact that real criminals go untouched as hard working people are arrested it's not hard to see this is an effort to keep the law employed. It's also good business for the every growing privatized jail system. (For some good information about this trend read Prison Profiteers: Who Makes Money From Mass Incarceration.)

Debunking the Myth that Today’s Immigrants are Somehow Different Than Past Immigrants at Standing FIRM.

Eristic Ragemail. Washington Post Provides Excellent Reporting On Immigration Issue and Retailing Hate: The Mis-informed Missives of Juanell Garrett. In the second article we read of the Kansas City Star columnist, Juanell Garrett, who has "succumbed to the Lou Dobbs disease."

SOUTH CAROLINA BECOMES LATEST STATE TO PASS IMMIGRATION LAW at Greg Siskind's Blog. This is the standard E-Verify law that we see everywhere. This recent video titled Lou Dobbs Versus Lou Dobbs shows that even he doesn't think E-Verify is ready for use. The law takes effect for some in January of next year and larger companies must comply by January of 2010.

Blackwater Commandos Sneak in Plans to Patrol our Borders! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. I can only hope that we don't get the same Blackwater gang that turned Iraq into the wild west.

New Immigration Articles at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read High School Valedictorian To Be Deported. "Another crazy result of our failed immigration policies. Among other possibilities, the DREAM Act would have resolved this."

When will Democrats smarten up and realize they're being set up as the fall-guy for Bush Administration's deportation overkill? at Latina Lista. Also watch Debating the morality of immigration enforcement.

I know I don't understand everything about NAFTA or its effects so here's NAFTA for Dummies at Mexico Trucker Blog. (Also here's an older post from Eristic Ragemail on the subject.)

The New Ford Reconquistador! and Nuestra Amiga, Mi Prima Nicole at The Unapologetic Mexican. If you live in San Francisco please support Nezua's cousin as she runs for office. Congratulations and best of luck.

Ford Wants a Mexican Fiesta at Vivir Latino. First Immigrant Safe Zone in a New York City Public School - "This is an important grassroots achievement in light of ICE's recent incursions into school areas in other parts of the country."

In the News: Central Texas groups denounce the SAVE Act at T. Don Hutto.

Immigration Raids: Harder on Undocumented workers Immigrants; Easy on Lawbreakers employers at Pro Inmigrant and The Immigration laws are repugnant and an insult to human dignity.

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