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Workers on Hunger Strike Say They Were Misled on Visas at Just News. In their fourth week of protest Indian workers were duped into believing they were coming to the U.S. on permanent visas which would allow them to stay with their families. Sadly it was discovered that they were only here on temporary visas. They were lied to. Make sure and support their struggle.

Story, with video, at CAUSA - Indian Guest Workers Protest Poor Treatment Under H2B Visa Program.

Dream Act Texas also carried this story titled The 23rd Day.

I found a blog titled Carlosqc From Washington, DC which has a "take action" button leading to a form we can all send in support of these workers. The post is titled Slavery in the United States: Indian guest workers abused by oil companies.

ICE’s Newest Trick: Deporting High School Valedictorians at DMI Blog.

The Chicago Tribune Gets it Wrong: Drawing moral equivalency between haters and humanists at Eristic Ragemail.

In DREAMERS Earning Degrees Generation 1.5 shows us some degrees being earned by DREAMers.

Becuase We Like Expensive Food at Greg Siskind's Blog.

Goes nicely with our expensive gas and our depreciating homes. Thanks Congress. "Enforcement first" really is delivering dividend for the economy. As I love to tell folks, if you like depending on imported oil, you're going to love imported food even more.
Also Arizona Law Faces Major Test.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will become the first federal appeals court to hear a challenge on a state immigration law when it hears arguments Thursday concerning the constitutionality of Arizona's tough employer sanctions law.

Stating the Obvious: Reports indicate Hate Groups on the Rise in America! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Although most of us participating in the Immigration Debates already know this, new reports indicate the growth of Hate Groups in America are on the rise. This correlates with the increase in Hate Crimes Against Latinos in America.
And Agriprocessors, Confident their PAC Money will Keep Them From Being Charged, Hires Compliance Officer! (former US Attornery - wink-wink!).

Hispanic Institute Proposes CNN Boycott -- Because of Lou Dobbs at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Hearing on Employment E-Verification System this week. In SALT and NLG Statement ON Postville Raid -

SALT (The Society of American Law Teachers)deplores these raids that are creating a moral, legal, and humanitarian crisis in our nation. ICE’s heavy handed enforcement against undocumented workers in the wake of failed immigration reform is shameful
. Also read Immigrant Crackdowns and the National Security State.

Central American leaders discuss farm labor in California at The Latin Americanist. Also read Baseball draft excludes Latin Americans.

"Afghanistan is not our country any more" at yave begnet blog. Arundhati Roy, in her speech Come Septmeber asked regarding one of our goals there, to liberate the Afghan women from the Taliban, - "can we bomb our way to a feminist paradise?"

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